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The Lister estate was not only in the Township of Southowram where Shibden Hall and its surrounding fields, woodlands and tenanted properties were spread, it also included many other parts of the estate in both the Township of Northowram and Hipperholme.

Anne Lister records many events that took place in the Northowram Township of which the Northowram Historical Society have researched over many years. In the past many of these various events formed the content to those who attend our many presentations and guided walks. Due to the current interest in Anne Lister we have decided to do more to share this valuable historic content. The society holds copies of many records that have been copied digitally for research and is currently working on a small booklet that will be available in 2020 that will be a guide to all the locations linked to Anne Lister using many images and an easy understandable notes.


Places within the old Township of Northowram are;

Well Royd Farm – This was a farm that has origins back in the 16th century. There is no real visible remains of the property which was by the pathway leading into Shibden Park from the Leeds Whitehall road. A crossing (now also disappeared) called Tillyholme was near to the property where Anne Lister would have crossed to access the lands. A story about an accident at Tillyholme is recorded in Anne’s diary. Captain lister sold some land associated with this property for the new turnpike to be constructed.

Staups Hall – Bought by Anne for mainly to access coal in the hillside behind the hall.

Lee Lane – A small property consisting of a house which was re-built by Anne and her father. Next to it was a shop used by one of her tenants and one field.

Copperas House – A very old property that has long since disappeared. This stood net to the top of Lee Lane at Pule.

High Royd House– Tenanted by the Holt family. James Holt was Anne Lister’s coal steward. A refurbished property that is still to be seen on the way to Pule.

Stump Cross Inn – This was a new building erected when the Northowram turnpike was constructed and the old inn was buried underneath the spoils of Godley cutting.

Lower Brear – This place was in a state of disrepair when Anne decided to put it back into order and install her tenant. An ancient property stretching back in time to the Hemmingway family in the 15th century.

There are plenty of other connections that Anne shared her experiences of daily activities such as Coley Church, Spring Head manor and Mytholme. All revealed in the new 36 page booklet!


If you are interested in finding out more about Anne Lister whether it is the properties, people or experiences she recorded within the area, we hold an extensive archive.

Please contact the society if you require a guided walk featuring Lister historical content. We have various ones that are suitable for those who may find the terrain too steep but would like to experience the places that Anne Lister would have walked herself.

A circular walk around Shibden parkland that involves Cunnery Lane and wood as a stopping point then towards the hall and down to the lake area is an easy walk for young and old.

A more difficult walk that goes to Godley bridge and through Horley Green to Pule before depending Lee Lane to Staups and the Stump Cross area is for the more adventurous. This is a 5 mile circuit.

Please contact the society if interested in arranging a walk and talk to meet your specific needs as a date and time will need to be agreed together with the price per head.

BOOKLET NOW FOR SALE. £8. Email: for details of how t obtain your copy.







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