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Village Walks

Northowram is well placed in its semi rural location for you to enjoy a variety of different walks that surround the village. There's a choice of short flatter walks close to the central parts of the village or longer ones taking you down Chelsea Valley or Shibden Vale.

WALK No.1 - Approx 1mile

One of the best ways of making the most of any walm day is to take a nice leisurely walk down Shibden Valley, unfortunately going down always means an uphill climb back into the village. This walk does have one sharp rise in it, but most of the climb back is gradual.
Start the walk by taking the route around Hall Lane. Opposite the back entrance of Northowram Hall you’ll pass one of the best ‘conker’ trees in the village. As children we spent many an hour throwing sticks up trying to dislodge the largest specimens for schoolyard combat.
Pass by Marsh Hall and then bear right head down Cave Hill, taking a left on to Kell Lane, a couple of hundred yards down take a right turn heading down Whiskers Lane passing Upper Whiskers House with the old weather vane in the garden. I’m not sure whether my memory is correct on this, but I think this weather vane is from the old Stocks Brewery. Perhaps someone could qualify that fact for me!
The road narrows after the houses into a path where the fields at the side have plenty of holly bushes that have so many berries on that there seem to be more red than green.
Although there isn’t a lot of bird life around at this time of year there is a problem, and that is that birds loose a lot of colour in their plumage in autumn; it’s what bird watchers call ‘going into eclipse’. I did however spot a couple of Kestrels circling and a colony of Wrens towards the bottom of the path.
Take the first left onto a small road called The Dicken this marks the flatter part of the walk. When you come to Blake Hill cross the road to the stile in front of you and walk through the fields following the old stone pathway with the grooves that were left by the old clay mine trucks in the last century.
There are a couple of benches along this part of the walk if you need a rest or empty the contents of your flask.
Continue until you reach Kell Lane then take a left heading up towards Salterlee School. Take a right turn into the school front yard and then you will see the path between the school and the house. Here it takes a steep rise up towards a stile on your right, fortunately it is only a short distance to the stile where it flattens.
Through the stile the path now gradually rises up the front of Northowram Hill, you can take your time to enjoy the views on your way up. At the top keep heading forward and you will find the path through the field to your left that comes out at the head of Windmill Drive.

WALK 2 - Approx 2.8 miles. Ordnance survey Explorer 288

Good walking shoes recommended.
Start at Hedge Top Lane by the cricket ground, cross the ground to Westercroft Lane right then 1st left. Follow track past houses into fields, follow path towards Westercroft Avenue. (near Shelf roundabout ). Walk towards Brighouse and Denholme Gate Road., left to roundabout, cross Bradford Road, walk up the main rd to Hudd Hill bear left and follow road round to the left. Cross the rd near a bus stop and look for the Calderdale Way sign.
Follow this path across fields to a farm (walk round the top side of the barn).
Cross Tan House Lane then up a bridleway to a junction, left and follow the track downhill and left at 1st junction, follow this track to Marsh Hall Farm. At the road right then 1st left onto Upper Lane. After 1/3 mile right at Northowram Riding School follow this path to overlook Shibden valley, left at wall and go towards the big wall and road.
Follow road uphill to corner and bear left to follow road to junction (Upper Lane.). Right to the Hough and playing fields. Down cat steps to main road cross then left up towards a row of stone cottages, turn right up a path before the cottages. Follow this path to a T junction and turn left towards Hedge Top La.ne and the finish of the walk.


WALK No.3 - Approx 4.5 miles

Ordnance survey Explorer 288
Watson’s Waddle 4.5m
Start @ 22 The Square Italian Restaurant, walk on Westercroft Lane then take 1st right down Hedgetop Lane & left towards the cricket ground, just before turn right down the track to a grassy area go half left towards woodland & down a steep path which levels out then turn right down a field between a fence and wall. Go left then right downhill between fences until you join a bridleway at Brain Scholes’ farm. Take a right then follow a car track (Wood Lane) towards Hipperholme, at the next house take a right down a rough bridleway to cross the A58 and then the railway line.
Follow this path to cross Shibden Hall Road down steps into a wooded area going half left to a stone stile, straight on then right down a slope to walk alongside Red Beck. Go over a stile near houses onto Badger Lane, turn right up hill, ignore the lane on your left and go up Dark Lane which levels off to become Barrowclough Lane. Keep a high wall on your left going down hill overlooking Halifax.If you want to take in the views off Halifax go left to the top of Beacon Hill, return and take a new path on your right towards Park Farm.
Cross Shibden Hall Rd into the top car park walking down hill to the dry stone walling area & following a path down left to meet the access road for the Park. Take a left uphill & cross the A58 at the pelican crossing, turn right past the petrol station and just after turn left down an access track to Shibden Fold, turn right then left between houses. Continue on through fields going slightly left & uphill to reach a small gate in the field corner, go up the steps and walk below Spa House Farm and join Horley Green Lane. Turn right and follow the lane to Shibden Mill Inn. Take a right uphill out of the car park onto Blake Hill Rd & follow to cross roads, continue up hill onto Howes Lane. Near the top and just before Mount Pleasant by a bench seat on your left go up rough steps into fields. Keep the wall on your left through stone stiles to Upper Lane, cross & go down Baxter Lane with the school on your left. Continue down Lydgate to your start/finish point @ 22. The Square.

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