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The village as it looks now

Here are a series of pictures that show parts of the village as it is today. The aim is to publish any images that are of interest or just great to look at.

E mail your image and if we feel it's good to show then we will publish it.


St Matthews Church, Feb 2011


Only House Wood, Chelsea Valley, June 2011

judd wall


shibden valley

3 images supplied by Mr G Bowers. APRIL 2011 - Showing Judd wall at Bearhead the tunnel as used by quarrymen that passes through the wall. This tunnel was put there as it was part of an ancient path that came through Shibden Valley so it help preserve the route. The third image is a view down Shibden Valley looking towards Godley.


Nature Watch

Current wildlife sightings. Help us keep track of any interesting birds, animals etc that could be of inerest to others.

Currrent sightings of interest. February 2013.
It has been some time since I have included a nature item on the site. Due to last years bad weather it reflected in the lack of spotting of any wild life in our area. Having said that the current snowy weather led to two very interesting sightings.
On a walk over Northowram Hills in early January, I disturbed a small Jack Snipe. This bird must have been feeding towards the top of the hill, just below the old quarry. It’s an unusual sighting as the bird is usually at home in marshy lowlands. However I did notice it was reported on the bird sites as spotted twice on Soil Hill on the other side of the valley. I presume this could be the same bird. The second sighting was a week later, and down on the bridge at the Shibden Mill Inn, where a bird flew further down the stream as I crossed the small bridge. This was a Dipper. easily recognised by it all black/dusky brown feathers, and a distinctive white band on its breast. It stays close to the water and as its name states, it dips up and down when it lands. Both birds are a first time spotting in our area.

For those interested in birds can I recommend a walk on the edge of the canal at Brighouse. Park for free on the side of the road next to the big mill occupied by Avocet just off the road to Elland. You will see the Kingfishers if you look carefully, they flit up and down the opposite side of the canal. Go further on towards Elland (approx 1/2 mile) and you can turn off to a small bird hide and a bench to sit on. Here you are only 3/4 yards from Bullfinches, Redpolls, Longtail Tits and Siskins. All easy to photograph. A lovely flat walk and accessable for all ages.

Currrent sightings of interest. July 2012.
A Sparrowhawk In the Westercroft area. These birds are not as common as we would like so it is interesting when one is spotted. It can be a little upsetting for residents as they take small birds as prey. They are however a beautiful looking bird, especially the male bird.

Bird Sightings etc.
Please help by reporting bird sightings in our area. The area covered is from Chelsea Valley through to Shibden Valley and the central village. The usual 'suspects' such as Blackbird, Chaffinch, Greefinch, Bluetit, Hedge Sparrow, Rooks, Magpies are not included as these are common varieties

northowram nature

The images above show a Little Owl spotted on Addersgate Lane. It was not bothered about being photographed as it sat for a loong while, still there after one hour when I returned passing it on my way home. The deer was spotted in the long grass further down the fields towards Simm Carr Lane. Possibly a Muntjac.

Goldcrest Heywood Close 02-01-11  
Sparrowhawk Newlands Grove 04-04-11 Female
Pied Wagtail Landemere 22-05-11  
Swallows Marsh Hall 22-05-11  
Little Owl Addersgate Lane 27-06-11  
Jack Snipe Northowram Hill 25-01-13  
Dipper Shibden Mill Inn 14-01-13  

vacary wall

An example of a vacary wall leading from Upper Lane to Hall Lane. An old form of dividing land by using flat slabs of stone. Unique to our area of West Yorkshire.

upper lane northowram

Upper Lane with the newly converted cottages called Wood Nook.


Landemere. Technically in Shelfnot the old township of Northowram


Whinnyroyd farm, now being renovated and Tan House farm to the left.

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