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Northowram Village Society - Archive

Previous Newsletter Notes - Reports from the society on issues that are effecting our village.

Update from the Northowram Police PACT Meeting meeting held 4th Feb 2014.
February 2014
A large turnout of residents and supported by councillors Roger Taylor, Peter Caffery and Stephen Baines. Approx 35 people in all attended. The meeting was fronted by PCSO Brian Russell with appologies from Sgt. D Bedford who was ill.

The main topic was crime levels within the area. PCSO Russell pointed out that from the 1st of October to the 19th December 2013 there had been 19 burglaries, this had now dropped to 6. There was some comment from residents representing the Greenfield Close housing that they had experienced 'yobish' behaviour at times and required more action.

There had been a number of stone thefts in the area again. Making stones would be advised, also look out for men in Hi-Vis jackets removing stone as they are not always legitimate workmen. Residents can ring the 101 number and the police will check.

A high number of complaints due to dog fouling. A number of tickets have been issued to offenders. One lady who didn't pay was fined a considerable amount of money. Fines for fouling are high in Calderdale. There are two comunity wardens on patrol looking out for offenders.

Parking at Daleson Close was a problem for some residents when parents were picking up children from school.

Speeding through the village is still an issue and will be clamped down on.

Update from the Northowram Village Society AGM meeting held 7th Nov 2013.
November 2013
The meeting was led by Mike Beecham on behalf of the committee as a new chairman has still not been placed.
COMMITTEE MEMBERS. voted in at the meeting were:
Vice Chairman and Newsletter: Mike Beecham
Treasurer: Mike Galvin
Planning: Steve Green
Assistant Planning: Alf Horsfield
Secretary: Debbie Mitchell
Committee Members:-
Stuart Shackleton, Roy Shaw, Brian Wood
MAIN TOPIC: THE SHIBDEN VALLEY WIND TURBINES. A call for immediate action was made for all those opposed to the extra tall wind turbine that is planned to be placed next to the large shed building on the top of Shibden Valley. The Shibden Valley Society needed anyone who is opposed to this turbine to object or contact David Witcher by phone 01422 38125 or by email david. witcher@btinternet.com. More information or visit Calderdale Planning online
OTHER BUSINESS. Subscriptions now due!
A presentation on the History of Shibden Park and surrounding area was given by Mike Beecham. Pie and Pea supper to finish.

Update from the Northowram Village Society meeting held 26th Sept 2013.
October 2013
The meeting was led by Mike Beecham on behalf of the committee as a new chairman is still required. Main discussions were regarding the influx of wind turbine applications in and around Northowram and Shibden area. The general consensus seems to be that people are not against alternative power sources but in the proper siting of them. The application for the turbine at Lumbrook had been withdrawn although it is felt that this is only a temporary set back as it could be re submitted again.
The two applications for wind turbines on the Halifax side of Shibden Valley also caused concern due to them both being visible on the skyline for miles around and destroying the natural beauty of the valley.
An update to the use of monies collected from the Scarecrow Festival was given. The commemorative war memorial stone for placing at the top of Lygate is being engraved and should be in place for a special commemoration service on the 11th November 2013.
Updates for the Local Development Framework will be given at the next meeting. Planning issues were mainly concerning the wind turbines although it was reported that a bungalow was passed for building at Newlands Crescent.
Some residents had experienced phone line problems in the Windmill area. The IBR furniture store on Bradford Road has now ceased to trade.
Next meeting will be the AGM - 7th November. Pie and pea supper for members.

Shibden Valley and Lumbrook landscapes both under threat from massive wind turbines.
Our previous newsletter informed residents of the proposed wind turbines around the Landshead area of the village towards the end of Upper Lane. We have had other applications with worrying impacts to our landscape...read more as your help is required.

northowram wind turbine

Now another wind turbine application is pending. This will make an impact on the Shibden Valley vista also.
Another planning application that will also have a great impact on the vista of Shibden Valley is this one situated near Hag Lane on the top side of the valley. This is a validated application it has jumped ahead of the Swales Moor wind turbine, which is still at the application preparation stage.
The details are:
• Application no. 13/00816/FUL. The CMBC website still shows 7 August as the expiry date for neighbour consultation, but as the notices have not been put up yet this is likely to extend. In practice they will anyway accept comments until decision time.
• It is proposed on Green Belt land east of Bradford Old Road. The site is just south of Hag Lane, and is right on top of the ridge.
• The height is to be 34.2 mtrs to the tip (113 ft) and will be much higher than the electricity pylons in the area. It will be very visible from Northowram, Kell Lane, Brow Lane and from high ground for miles around.
• The application states that its purpose is to support the business of the owner of the field at Hag Lane, who lives at Addersgate Farm, by selling the power to the grid
• Although it may be argued that the environment is already degraded to some extent by the electricity pylons, you have only to look at the way the landscape has been damaged in the area along Bradford & Denholme Road near Soil Hill to see what happens when wind turbines are approved near power lines.
• The Shibden Valley Society is very concerned about the damage to the landscape and the openness of the Green Belt, and will be objecting to this application
• CMBC is sensitive to the number of objections made by individuals so it is important that concerned residents and visitors make their views known to the Council by commenting on the application either in writing or by email using the CMBC planning website (http://portal.calderdale.gov.uk/online-applications)

Wind turbines at Lumbrook and Shibden Valley.
July 2013.

Our previous newsletter informed residents of the proposed wind turbines around the Landshead area of the village towards the end of Upper Lane.
We have had another firm application for a wind turbine in land south west of Lumbrook Mills, Westercroft Lane, a large 225kw wind turbine, 49m to blade tip and a 30m tower height. This would be sited in a field facing you across the small valley on the Northowram side of the main Denholme Gate Road if you were stood looking at it from in front of the garden centre. Not a pretty sight for the approach to the village. If you feel strongly against this application please lodge an objection on the Calderdale Plannning site. The number of this application is 13/00186/FUL.
The second pending application for a possible wind turbine is even more worring. This is in the very early stages but could be a monster, as big, if not bigger, than the Ogden wind turbines. A 500kW with a height of 50m to 77m and a rotor of up to 54m in diameter.
The worst part of this is that it has originated from the Swales Moor Mink Farm and would be sited next to the large building on the skyline of Shibden valley. Please keep a look out for this becoming a formal application an register your concern by a strong objection, not just you but everyone you know who would like to preserve the beautiful view of Shibden Valley.
For more information about this wind turbine you can track it on the Calderdale Planning site under application No. 13/06010/EIA.

Ward Forum Meeting Notes
Wednesday 5th June.

Road closure at Brow Lane Shibden valley. The survey has pin pointed more structural work required that has exceeded the initial budget alocation. Further money will have to be found from an already stretched Calderdale Council fund. Work will commence in April 2014 at the soonest. Residents seem to like the road as it is now... very quiet.

Dog Bins. There will be a purge on dog owners not using the facility by leaving dog waste on the pavements. The warden will be out early to catch any offenders. Fines could be up to £1000.

Rubbish Recycling. Shelf residents were worried aqbout not being able to use the Bradford rubbish tip at Queensbury now there is a permit system in place. Householders have to show proof of residency in Bradford area. Cardboard disposal was discussed with there being a possibility of kerb side disposal for incineration in the future.

Road Traffic Accidents. A 20mph limit now in place at Mixenden, residents wanted to know how this is implemented and whether there could be one in Northowram village. There needs to be high level of road traffic accidents ( fatalities included!).Northowram lies 26th in the ranking for incidents in the Halifax area. The councillors will be pushing for a controlled crossing.

Speed Test Results. Speeds are still being monitored for the central area of Northowram, these are within the required limits in most places. The areas that are hot spots are, Coley Road, 53 maximum in a 30mph limit, Hudd Hill 46mph in a 30mph limit, and the Hough 37mph in a 30mph limit.

Second Scarecrow Festival.Held 1st weekend in May. This was another success as there was an increase in the displays of scarecrows that were official on the trail and unofficial, homes that were just enjoying taking part in the event. There were many activities all around the village including car boot sale, brass band and the usual teas, cakes and other refreshments.

The total taken was £2000, which was similar to the previous year. This has been suggested to be used for a war memorial.

Healthwatch Calderdale. This a new body acting as a consumer champion or watchdog for health and social care. Trying to help and enable local voices to influence the delivery and design of local health and social care. For those interested in more information from this service please call 01422 431099 or email: info@healthwatchcalderdale.co.uk

Northowram Ward Forum meeting notes. Wed 27th Feb 2013!
February 2013
Speed Tests. These have been held between July of last year up until February this year. These were to monitor drivers speeds on certain roads at different times of the day to see what the average speed was compared to the set speed limit. It seems as the village did fairly well overall as the tests were carried out on The Hough and Bradford Road. The area of most concern to residents at the meeting was the Hough at later times in the day, especially the stretch coming up thowards the Football field. Where speeds were higher that they should have been, the police will be enforcing these areas now. The main ones for enforcement being Hud Hill, Coley Road and the Bradford road towards Shelf.
Dog Bins. It was reported that where dog waste bins had been tried the results were promising as some were being filled. These areas of higher usage will be supported with extra bins. The problem of dumping waste seems to have been halved. For those who still spot offenders it is possible to report them by using Calderdales web site where there is a place to report the incident and details. Calderdale will then follow up. There have been fines imposed that are quite high for littering (£1000), it seems as the same action is to be taken for dog waste offenders.
Police Update. The general crime rate for the village is down although a warning was given to motorists to make sure they lock their cars and remove Sat Navs. There has been an increase in thefts from cars, alongside numberplates been taken, this enables criminals to leave petrol stations without getting their own number plate recorded.

NEXT WARD FORUM MEETING - 5th June 2013. St Michael & all Angels School, Shelf.

NEXT PACT MEETING (POLICE INFO) - 18th April 2013. Northowram Children's Centre, Northowram Library, Lydgate.

Be involved with future developments in the village!
February 2013
Previous articles in this newsletter have told residents about the government plans to build 5030 new homes in Halifax, with an allocation of 185 in Northowram together with some business premises, all to be built to support the Core Strategy Plan.
There is a way to manage this influx of development, and that is to form a group of residents to have the power to help shape and determine where and what is relevent to our area. To do this we would need a minimum of 21 people to work together and take a pro-active stance against the developers who could do what they want, not what we want.
This call to action needs to be taken seriously by ever householder otherwise the village as we know it will be overloaded and be a much less desireable place to live in. Please contact the Northowram Village Society by e mail:
We need to pull together younger and older residents to make it happen to our advantage. Other areas have used this approach to their advantage, so should we.

Changes to the Northowram Village Society Committee - New Chairman required!
February 2013
For those at the last Northowram Village Society meeting and AGM, you will be aware that our long term chairman Stuart Shackleton decided not put himself forward to be re-elected. Stuart will be missed as our society front man and he deserves a big thank you from everyone who knows how much time and effort he has given in the past 10 years to resolve the many issues concerning Northowram village.
Going forward there will be only two members meetings in the year, as there was no chairman elected. The current committee will meet as usual and the newsletter will be published four times a year.

Notes from the Northowram & Shelf Ward Forum Meeting held 29th November 2012
January 2013
This Speed Indicator Device tests: More officers in the North & East Halifax policing team are to be trained in the use of speed test devices. Recently several tickets had been issued to motorists for speeding. Residents requested further speed checks in the Northowram and Shelf area.
Dog Fouling and Bins: Cllr Caffrey has a map showing placement of dog bins in the Northowram and Shelf area and wants to work with residents to see whether things might be improved by siting them differently.
Halifax Central Library: at the meeting of the full Council on 28 November approval was given to the relocation of the Central Library and Archive from its current Northgate site to the site at Square Spire.
Shelf Hall Lane is a private road and as such the council cannot erect a No Ball games sign
New Beavers group at St Michael & All Angels school is well attended and very popular.
BDUK : Calderdale Council is currently part of a government backed process (BDUK) aimed at delivering superfast broadband to 90% of the country by 2015, and 2Mb to the other 10%. Current plans can be seen at www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/where-and-when Children’s Centre Commissioning: Organisa-tions are invited to bid to provide children centre services across Calderdale. Contracts (running for 3 years) will start in October 2013.
Council Tax Support Scheme: The Council’s Cabinet decided to approve the proposal set out in the consultation, which means no change to levels of support before April 2014.
Parking problems - Illegal parking can be reported direct to parking@calderdale.gov.uk ; Telephone 01422 392171 / 392125.

Police updates:
PC Scott Gardener is the new PC for Northowram and Shelf.
Crime is down 11% on last year
Theft from motor vehicles is slightly on the increase. Residents are reminded not to leave valuable items on show.

Next Ward Forum
Wednesday 27 February, 5.30pm for a 6pm start Northowram Methodist Church

Notes from the Northowram Village Society AGM and Meeting held 29th November 2012
December 2012
This meeting opened with the news that the society was to loose its long standing chairman Mr Stuart Shackleton after 10 years of service. This was not only a shock to the members but also a problem in that a new chairman was not forthcoming. It was therefore suggested by the vice chairman Mr Steven Green that the society would operate in a different mode until a new chairman was found. This means that future meetings will be now reduced to two members evenings. The four committee meetings will still be held and notes published to keep members informed via the newsletter. Two new committee members were agreed on the evening and will join the next committee meeting. A vote of thanks to Mr Shackleton was given by Mr M Beecham.

The main topic for communication was the need for residents to be very pro-active and form a group of 21 residents to help form a plan for development in the Northowram area. This is required under the new Core Strategy as outlined by the government. It will then allow residents to control housing and other developments that are going to effect the green belt surrounding the village. There is a definite threat that certain aspects of the village could change dramatically , altering the shape and size by forcing houses controlled by develpers and not the village residents. This call to action was backed by Counciller S Baines.

Also a talk was given by Inspector Colin Skeath. This outlined his past experiences and his expectations for policing in our area. Questions from the floor were asked regarding issues such as reporting smaller crimes that are usual not phoned in and can distort the crime figures for the area. Inspector Skeath told the room to report any non emergency crimes via the 101 number. Emergencies that are serious can be dialed on the usual 999 number. The evening was completed with a pie and pea supper. The next meetings will be communicated soon.

Committee Meeting notes 23rd October 2012.
December 2012
Present: , S. Shackleton, D Mitchell, S Green, R Shaw, M Galvin, M Beecham
Parking at the botom of Lydgate has been applied for as ‘Permit Holder Only’ status., this refers to the houses on the left hand side as you come up Lydgate.
The bench on the Village Green has had the top rail smashed by vandals.
Any criminal activity needs to be reported as actual crime and reported crime figures are both reported. This gives a clearer picture of crime in our area.
The new Police Inspector for our area will be asked to attend our next meeting.
Planning: No current activity.
Landemere Farm apology
Landemere Farm article published in the previous Northowram Village Society notes and Newsletter, is not the property referred to in relation to planning issues relating to a temporary building etc. Apologies to the owners Ali and Richard Priestley for mix up. The article refers to a different property in the area.

Why not join the Northowram Village Society and play an active part in the shaping of your village!

Onlt £3 per household, you get 4 newsletters a day and a voice in the village to help make it a better place to live. Want to know more, click here.

Visit The Northowram History Society Pages for the latest history stories and information

Northowram Jubilee celebrations .
The Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations went well, although the weather threatened it still didn't stop residents from having a great time at all the organised events.

northowran jubilee

Report on Conservation Strategy for Calderdale meeting.
August 2011
An open meeting was held at Halifax Town Hall on 23rd August 2011 to help determine the strategy for conservation within the Calderdale area. This meeting was facilitated by the Calderdale conservation and planning teams and was attended by approx 50 people from various parts of the Calderdale area. A team of 3 attended from Northowram Village Society.

With over 2100 listed buildings and 20 conservation areas in our district the objective was to ask the meeting what they though of the current strategy and discuss whether the objectives effectiely support the overall aims of the conservation service. Alongside this questions were asked whether the priorities are clear and appropriate together with discussions about heritage at risk, design excellence and developing an understanding, recognnition and consideration of historic environment.

By splitting the into groups who wanted to explore different objectives for conservation a series of bullet points were offered as working objectives for Calderdales conservation team to help formulate the new strategy. More information can be accessed through the Calderdale web site.

If you are interested in joining in this important proces of protecting Calderdale Heritage please join in further planned discussions, everyone is welcome. You can also register an interest by having a voice at the next Northowram Village Society meeting.

Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum was held on 23rd June. Report on the meeting.
3227 responses to the March consultation had been received. Due to the scrapping of the regional spacial strategies (which the government set housing targets), the consultation timetable has been moved back to late summer 2011.

Crime figures available on the police page. Click to find out more.
(a) Many phone calls to the Police were received re gipsys making 'camps' without consent.  The Police attended and were able to do something about removing them, and they moved on.
(b) Fake plastic bags were delivered saying the goods were to fund the Air Ambulance Group.  After the public had phoned the Police with some suspicion, Two Russians were arrested.
(c) There was one 1 Family problem in Claremount needing attention and this problem was being tackled.
(d) 42 calls in one month were received with the main nuisance being motor bikes.  The Police catch these nuisance makers and crush their bikes.
(e) Burglaries. There had been 17 in one month in the total area but only 4 in Northowram and this problem is being attended to. Young burglars were coming from Bradford and now they are 'working' lower down in Lightcliffe. They walk around streets etc., and check garages and sheds, identifying relevant property as they go.   4 such properties were in Northowram, 2 in Shibden.  People were advised to check garages & sheds.

Cllr. Roger Taylor had organised a wakabout with about 20 local people willing to help him clean up in the Arberetum area. It was a real success on a very wet Saturday morning.  Shelf spokespeople asked if they could do the same.  This was given the go ahead and folks were to be approached at the Shelf Gala on 2nd July 2011.
(Contact Tony King for more information on 255402 or email tony.king@ovenden-initiative.org.uk if you wish to get involved and informed, as he would love to hear from you.) He is working to get more residents and community groups involved.

4. RE PACT (Police Action Community Team) meetings.
They are asking Northowram Village Society if they could share meetings in order to get their message across. This is being considered by Northowram Village Society.

Situated in the Northowram Library.The centre does not provide fulltime 8am-6pm chid care, but is a hub for family based activity, and also available for hire and use by local groups and services at different times.

Problems with scrap metal collection vehicles in the Northowram area. See Police page.

£150,000 a year has to be saved on running library services. Consultation is taking place on how this is to be achieved.

Northowram & Shelf Ward Forum Meeting Thursday 10th March
This meeting was held to discuss certain issues that are affecting our village, one of the main ones is something termed as Local Development Framework. Previous notes on this issue from our February newsletter can be read on Page 2.

Proposed future development in our area still needs to be monitored going forward to the next stage.
April 2011
Even though we have passed the date for registering your objection to the proposed development within our area we are still monitoring the possible response from Calderdale and will keep you informed of any changes that could affect the situation. Comments registered after the last LDF Core Strategy consultation were mixed, one supported the Brighouse and Rastrick area for development another reflected on the increase of wind turbines being detrimental to the Upper Calder Valley area.

Objections were also put forward by certain members of the NVS based on our suggested four key points.

As a reminder of the objections we thought were relevant to our area, these are listed here:-

•The infrastructure of our village cannot support any further development. Our school is full. The roads are not wide enough and the level of traffic is already high. Any further increase in housing would seriously affect the well being of residents.

•People live here because they have made a conscious choice to live in a village and be surrounded by fields. The village has a heritage and contains many old buildings. Any further development or joining with neighbouring villages will result in a loss of identify.

•Other areas such as Brighouse have land that could be developed and better road links to the motorway system. Schools have places available.

•One of the factors for proposed development states that there should be jobs available in the area to help reduce the carbon footprint of commuting. There are no jobs in Northowram.

There will certainly be changes to the existing policy as this piece of proposed planning action started life in a Labour government, now we are under the Coalition could it undergo amendments?

We can only ask you to support our stand on objecting to overloading our village infrastructure and that if you agree with our objections listed above then please feel free to use them if another round of objections are requir

More information concerning the LDF

We are dealing with a complex and what seems to be an ever changing policy. As mentioned previously the Local Development Framework now sits in a transition time between the previous governement and the new Coalition government. What will happen going forward is an area where we will endevour to keep tabs on it and inform everyone of any proposed changes if necessary.

Reading the available literature it seems to give concern that the Northowram area is being put together with Shelf and Hipperholme. Could this be the start of joining the areas together? Who knows as yet! Certainly we have heard of concerns coming from other areas such as the Shibden Vale Society who are worried that further building in Northowram will affect the skyline of Shibden Valley, housing being visible and spoiling a natural beauty spot. These issues could surface later so we ask in your help in supporting any objections to overloading the village infrastucture.

If you would like to read more please click the link below which will take you to Calderdale Council web page that has all the information and explanations of the various policy parts that make up the Local Development Framework.


How you can help!

Please help the Society by keeping informed by regularly checking the Calderdale Council web site.

Contact the Spatial Planning Team for more information if required.

Alternatively you can write to:
Spatial Planning Team, Planning Service, Northgate House, Halifax, HX1 1UN
Or E mail: spatial.planning@calderdale.gov.uk

Use this link to the Ward Forum Team information

Notes from the Northowram Village Society committee meeting held 24th January 2012.
January 2012
Present: S Shackleton, S Green, M Galvin, M Beecham, A Nichols,
B Wood, R Shaw, A Hodgson
Apologies; D Mitchell, T Smith,
Matters Arising:
It was thought that Calderdale took a slow response to the temporary building removal issue at Landemere.
Music licence granted to Windmill Inn with an 11pm watershed.
A survey of residents at the Arboretum; to ask their views on a shelter for young people in the grounds, had a negative response.
The idea has now been changed to try and use the new room
attached to the library. The young people must create
a club and contribute with the running to move this suggestion
Although applications had increased in other areas Northowram had only one. Planning team size has been reduced. This could cause future problems.
Stables situated on Denholme Gate Road had an application
agreed for sleeping accomodation
on the stables approved. Possibly future problem if this is extended towards gaining full planning.
Subscriptions due from many

Notes from the Northowram & Shelf Ward Forum meeting held 8th December 2011.
January 2012
Consideration had been given to a youth shelter in the Northowram area. Northowram Village Society had submitted a bid for part funding to West Yorkshire Police to purchase a shelter. There was a small door to door survey of householders from the Aboretum as this was suggested as a possible site. The majority thought it wasn't a good idea! The bid was unsuccessful, this project may not go ahead now.

A decision as to car parking charges at Shibden Park still lies with Calderdale Council. Weekends, bank holidays and Calderdale school holiday periods: £2. Monday to Friday (outside school holidays) £1.

Northowram Children's Centre have offered a small room for young people to meet in future which now needs some adult supervisio. A meeting was held with some of the young people involved on 1th Dec. More updates to follow soon on this project.

Policing figures for our area were improving. see the figures by clicking the Community Services Link on the top banner.

There was bad news in that we are to loose our popular and effective PCSO Heidi Gouldsborough, who will be leaving the Police to follow a new career. Residents and Councillors Baines and Taylor all agreed she will be much missed and the meeting asked that Heidi be formally thanked for her work.

Northowram Village Society AGM - Thursday 24th November.
November 2011
Our AGM was held at Northowram Club to a full audience as the turn out was high. Stuart Shackleton, the chairman ran the meeting which consisted of a number of current issues regarding local development and planning changes, some of these discussed with Councillor Baines who was present. From there the meeting went on to elect all current officers with the provisor that some positions would now be made over to be secondary helpers to the prime officers, this was to give help to those carrying out duties when they were not available. A buffet was consumed by members whilst they completed a quiz. The proceedings finished around 10pm.

Committee meeting notes 24th July 2012
July 2012
Present: , D Mitchell, S Green, B Wood, R Shaw, A Hodgson, M Galvin, M Beecham,
Apologies: S Shackleton
Minutes of the last meeting: Discussion to the continued involvement by Calderdale Planning Department with the work being carried out at Landemere. Drainage and some hard surface had been installed against planning permission. Appeal has been made against this ruling. Decision awaiting.
The young peoples meeting place at the Library seems to not be going ahead as it has not gained the support from the young people who initially said they would help run it.
No planning issues reported.

Northowram Library Open Day
August 2012
The event turned out to be a successful day as visitors were treated to a display of paintings by members of the Third Age Group together with a display of historical pictures of old Northowram supplied by the Northowram Historical Society. Other events later in the day included Face painting for the children. The Ward Forum for Northowram and Shelf was represented by Liz Broadley who was available to inform residents of the meetings they could attend to get their voice heard for any village concerns they might have. Councillor Roger Taylor attended at the opening.

northowram library

Notes from the Northowram Village Society Meeting
June 2012
We had a good turnout, packed at the beginning for the Northowram Primary School Choir who performed a number of well known songs. Followed by the film of Halifax in years gone by.
northowram school choir
Phillip Gibson advised that the Industrial Museum was nearly ready for opening and handed out some forms for those that wanted to book.
Stuart Shackleton spoke about the Telegraph & Argus magazine who are doing articles on local villages and are looking to do a piece on Northowram, he invited people to let either you or him have anything for inclusion.
Stuart mentioned the fallen tree and then subsequent felling of further trees on Hall Lane and the concern this had raised, he said that the area in that corner was boggy which might be linked to blocked drains caused by the development on the old hospital ground.
Stuart introduced the new Councillor
Local Development Planning - Mike Galvin and Stuart attended the presentation.
Tony Sharpe said that he would be intereseted if anyone had any old photos of Halifax

Successful fund raising for the Royal British legion.
June 2011
A coffee morning held by the Darby and Joan Club of Northowram helped Ann Hodgson achieve a massive £350 in fund raising for the Royal British Legion. Ann wanted to thank the Northowram Village Society for its generous donation too. Also Ann has managed to raise £1000 for Help the Heros. Well done Ann.

Committee Meeting Notes
July 26th 2011
Present: S Shackleton, D Mitchell, A Horsfield
M Galvin, M Beecham, A Nichols, B Wood, R Shaw.
Apologies , S Green, D Sharp
Matters Arising:
Local Development Forum seems to be undergoing a re-structure due to a new team taking over the work.
Police are pleased with the response from residents after the talk given at our last meeting.
A new level to a house in Shepherds Fold.
Dispensary chemists at Northowran Surgery. Possible addition to the bulding to dispence prescriptions.
Concern over double parking at the end of Westercroft Lane near to 22 The Square.

Charity scam in the village leads to arrests.
August 2011
At the Ward Forum in July it was reported that a scam had taken place in our village. At least one alert resident had some doubts to the fake plastic bags that were given out to certain households in the village promoting that goods could be donated to help Air Ambulance Group. This seemed to differ from how the Air Ambulance Group do there fund raising and the police were alerted.
The result was that when the collectors came back at the allotted time to collect the donations police were waiting. Two russians were arrested and later charged, their car was crushed !

Booths Carpets and Furnishings and Brown Horse pub, both closed for trading.
February 2012
It seems that the recession is still striking businesses in our area. The note on Booths door says it closed on 16th February due to voluntary liquidation. It is a major blow to the village as this was a large business that fronts the main Bradford Road and no doubt attracted people into the village who would have not usually have thought of coming into our area. I'm sure there will be a knock on effect of the loss of trade in our village. The other business that has gone is the Brown Horse pub. The notice on its door says closed due to unforeseen circumstances. Local rumor points at bankruptcy, although I cannot substantiate that fact.

Notes from Northowram Village Society members meeting held 23rd Feb 2012.
February 2012
Stuart Shackleton led the meeting. On the agenda was the planning actiion regarding the removal of a mobile home situated at Landemere Syke. Calderdale were in the process of enforcing this action. The trees that had fallen in Hall Lane were a cause for concern amongst some villagers as it was thought others could be in danger of uprooting and causing damage and possible injury to residents in that area. Music together with verse was given as entertainment for the evening by Rod Dimbleby and his wife plus some very accomplished singing by Rods mother in law who was 88 years of age. Finally an update was given by Mike Beecham on the planned Scarecrow event for May Bank holiday. Subs were collected but still 30 outstanding members to pay.




If you're not sure what the village Society is and what it's objectives are, then read on.

Formed back in the 1980's the society has always met at the Northowram Club. There have obviously been a number of different committees in this time but all have been working for the benefit of improving the quality of life in the village.

Whether its smaller issues such as dog fouling or litter problems or the massive fight the society helped in saving a green field area in the Arboretum when Persimmons developed the old hospital site. This is now known as the Village Green. A knock on effect of this action was also being able to preserve the old 18C underground swimming bath that is situated in-front of the old Northowram Hall.

Our latest efforts have been to work with Calderdale Council to help put Northowram into a Conservation status. This was based on the overwhelming support of villages who want the developers to consider building sympathetically in the village. Our policy is not to stop progress but to add a voice of concern to help stop development that over stretches the infrastructure of the village or changing their plans to build a visually more appealling building to fit in with the surroundings. The village roads are choked in certain parts so it makes sense to all that more housing will put a great strain on all services, our school included, sometimes it needs a voice to point these things out, so we can put people in front of profit.

Our meetings are attended by Calderdale coucillors who are all available to answer questions.

If you want to make your voice heard in the village then please feel free to join us. We meet four times a year with our AGM being the last meeting of the year where we put on a quiz and a well stocked buffet. All this for £3 per household, and 4 Newsletters to keep you up to speed with whats going on. Times of the meetings are availble in the pages of this site.

Contact info@northowram.org for more information

Calderdale Local Development Framework makes an impact on Northowram.
February 2011

Our next challenge is now to understand the effect of the Calderdale Local Development Framework. Having obtained a copy of the proposal, we have had to get our heads around the complexity and possible affect it could have on our village.
The document outlines 4 proposals that need to be answered by comments on these proposals for such things as developing highways, shopping centres, affordable housing, public transport. We need to pull together with Shelf and Hipperholme we are grouped together as one specific proposed development area termed as East Calderdale..
The other areas are Todmorden and Elland making the second and third proposals for development.. A forth proposal is a little more ambiguous as it puts the onus on each area resolving development needs by their ability to cope

Obviously this is a large and complex document and anyone interested in helping draw up a response on behalf of the village would be welcome to join us, also you would definitely need to obtain a copy.
We will be trying to get our response ready for the cut off date 5pm 25th March.
Having now achieved a Conservation status it seems we have another threat to trying to keep our village in a semi rural state.

Northowram is passed as a conservation area
January 2011

At a meeting held by Calderdale Council on the 10th January it was agreed that Northowram is now designated as a Conservation area. Looking back it has been the result of a lot of work centred around the Village Society and other supporters that have spent many hours of valuable time to bring this about.

Below is an image showing the areas of the village affected together with an extract from the original Calderdale Council proposal. This extract will hopefully answer some concerns that have been raised.


It is important to note that the conservation area designation is not intended to prevent change, but to manage new development in ways that preserve and enhance the special historic qualities of the area. To be successful, any future development within the conservation area needs to be mindful of the distinctive local character of Northowram. New buildings or extensions should reflect the general pattern of buildings, as well as their scale and massing, and be respectful of important views, vistas and open spaces, which protect the setting of the historic village core and are an important feature of the area.
Although future development needs to have a high regard for the local character of the village, good contemporary design may be appropriate in some instances, and issues such as sustainability also need to be addressed. English Heritage promote the idea of new development in conservation areas being ‘of their time’, and so
sometimes, contemporary design can sit better in the historic environment than a copy of one particular historic period, especially if the area is made up of historic features from different eras. The use of local natural materials is a very distinctive characteristic of this area and could help a new development of modern design to assimilate into the historic environment.
Successful new development in historic areas should:
• Relate well to the geography and history of the place and the lie of the land;
• Sit happily in the pattern of existing development and routes through and around it;
• Respect important views;
• Respect the scale of neighbouring buildings;
• Respect historic boundary walls and retain historic garden plots;
• Use materials and building methods which are at least as high in quality as those used in existing buildings;
• Create new views and juxtapositions which add to the variety and texture of their setting.

(Based on CABE and English Heritage publication Building in Context: New Development in Historic Areas, 2001)

Village society members enjoy the chance to gain more information on policing in our village.
May 2011
Two constables together with inspector Stuart Spencer attended the last Village Society meeting held at Northowram Club on Wednesday 18th. They gave a talk on the policing activities in the village together with a question and answer session to help inform residents on the steps they can take to help reduce crime and anti-social activity in our village.

One of the topics for discussion that seemed to hit a note with those attending was the influx of those trying to pick up any scrap metal. There have been incidents were things have disappeared from gardens and garages. In one instance the number was taken and reported to the police. Inspector Spencer stressed that they need the public to get in touch and pass on any information to help them piece together a picture of who is involved. There is a crime number to use for passing on any information 0845 6060606. Although it was stressed that if any crime was taking place not to hesitate and use the 999 number.

It is also possible to contact the policing team based at Ovenden on: 01422 337300

Other topics for discussion was the need for policing parking around Baxter Lane and the school as some cars are making it dangerous for those using the access to the properties in the old school yard.

Further developments in conservation policy.
August 2011
There are new developments in the way a conservation policy will be employed in the Calderdale area. The information comes from an invitation to a meeting to launch the consultation period to discuss this new approach to Conservation Strategy that could affect the village.
The meeting will be attended by members of the committee who will report back at our next open meeting.
The basis of these proposed changes comes from the council Conservation Team reviewing its strategy alongside the aspirations of English Heritage. Discussions have take place with senior management in the council through a steering group which comprised of Council Officers, Councillors and representitives of English Heritage. The idea is now to explore the views of those with a keen interest in the historic environment with a view to help shape this strategy.
Considering that we were successful in gaining conservation status for 5 central parts of the village we still feel there is a need to protect other areas, especially the Westercroft area.

Link to the police information page.

Report from the Ward Forum Meeting held at the Northowram Community & Activity Club, Westercroft, Northowram.
September 2011
The first item on the agenda was to entitled; Young People - Somewhere to Go Something to do. This topic was led by Chris Eves of the Calderdale Young Peoples Service. Chris explained the options available to help promote a special meeting point for teenagers in the village together with the support available from his team for any volunteers who may want to help. There has been a special van in the village at times which is fitted out with computer and other facilities to help teenagers. It is felt that there needs to be a more tangible approach to helping teenagers needs by either a youth club or establishing a meeting point. this point could be a covered area where they can listen to music and have a general get together. To do something of this nature it was felt that the Village Society could help in where it may be sited and possibly help raise some funding through approaching local business leaders. Some other funding will also be explored by Calderdale too.

The need to have the presence of a Youth Club in the village again was also thought to be a priority. This would require volunteers to help run it. In doing this there is help available from the Calderdale Young People Service in the form of special training and some background assistance to get the project off the ground. Anyone who is interested in youth work who could help in this essencial need for out village, please contact: cyps@calderdale.gov.uk

Police Action figures for our area were given by Inspector Stuart Spencer. These were promising as figures show a decreace in crime within the Northowram area. This was backed up by some residents at the meeting who felt that anti social behaviour by youths had dropped. See Police page form more detailed figures.

A report was given by Mike Beecham on the Northowram.org web site. More support from businesses in the area was happening now that the site was established. From 1400 pages looked at the site had retained 540 regular users. The plan for the future is to try and represent more youth activity in the area. Funding was slow but if targets were hit then all businesses that had paid for one year would get next years free. It was stressed that this was a non profit making site.

June 24th the Olympic Flame on North Bridge, Halifax
Northowram resident Frank Chislett enjoyed his moment of fame when he carried the Olympic torch hrough the large crowds across North Bridge and into Halifax centre.
olympic torch northowram

Bells mark the opening of the Olympics
St Matthew's church at Northowram marked the opening of the 2012 Olympics when the bells were run at 08.12 on 27th July.

olympic bells northowram


Notes from the Northowram Village Society Newsletter
May 2012
Neighbourhood Planning takes on a new shape.
Two committee members from the Village Society joined a full one d
ay workshop on understanding the new version of the pending Neighbourhood Planning legislation.
The event was held on 29th March and it was well attended as many areas around the Calderdale borough were interested in gaining as much information about the workings of this new approach to planning and future building.
The groups were formed on the day to represent different areas of Calderdale. Our group which represented Northowram also had Hipperholme, Brighouse and Rastrick around the same table.
The main theme of the day was to present the main structure of the Neighbourhood Planning in relation to what Calderdale are required to do in their implementation plans and then to find out what the Local Groups would need, to achieve a successful outcome in their alignment with the new policy.
A ‘health check’ was conducted, as to the readiness of each group to be in a position to be totally effective by working properly within this new framework. This was measured on a number of different factors and scored on a red, amber and green system. Northowram scored amber with only a couple of areas needing to be addressed for us to be a fully formed group and have a green light to form our own Neighbourhood Plan that is consistant with our village needs. The plan once agreed would then be in place for a number of years.
The main areas of attention required for us to go forward are that we need to attain a larger group of representatives within the Northowram group and look at how to access finance or fund our own neighbourhood plan.
It is still a very complex area of local legislation and a difficult subject to get over to residents, but it is essential we recruit villagers who would help promote the interests of our own area as this has a great impact on all our future expectations of the place we all chose to live in.

1st Northowram Village Scarecrow Festival
The very first Northowram Scarecrow Festival took place over the May Bank Holiday.
The event was a great success with over 60 scarecrows appearing in gardens, shops and even attached to lamposts. There were some brilliant scarecrows on view all over the village, from Darth Vader to a doctor and nurse, not forgetting Oliver Heywood. Everyone having great fun spotting them whilst using the Scarecrow map.
Different events were supporting the holiday period with cream teas at St Matthews, a vehicle parade, car boot sale, live bands and BBQ, just to mention a few. It was a great time for bringing together the whole village and helping local traders to get a boost from the many people enjoying this 3 day event. More from this event.

Notes from the Northowram Village Society meeting held on:-
Tuesday 24th April 2012.
May 2012
1. Present: S Shackleton, D Mitchell, S Green, B Wood, R Shaw, A Hodgson
2. Apologies: M Beecham, M Galvin, T Smith, D Sharp
3. Minutes of last Committee Meeting
Concern was raised about the owner at Landemere digging holes in his fields. Councillor Baines has taken this matter up with the Planning Officer and has received a letter confirming that a site visit has taken place and that the owner is installing drainage and has put down some hard surfacing on part of the fields, as the land is too wet to use. There was some discussion about whether planning permission would be required or if the works would be permitted under the General Permitted Development Order 1995 Schedule 2 Part 6. The Planning officer has written to the owner setting out his options and will advise Councillor Baines of any significant progress and the outcome of his investigation.
The Windmill Inn have applied to extend their Music licence beyond 11pm but this has been refused.
Once the young peoples’ meeting place has been set up in the new Children’s Centre next to the Library the Council will leaflet the area to let people know what is going on. We will be encouraging them to include information in our Newsletter.
There have been no more applications in respect of the Laura Branigan Stables and there is a security man now using the sleeping accommodation.
4. Minutes of the last General Meeting.
The next PACT meeting is on Thursday 26 April at the new Children’s Centre and the new PCSO, PC and Inspector will be present.
5. Correspondence
None received.
6. Neighbourhood Planning
Stuart and Mike Beecham attended the Neighbourhood Plan Fit Seminar run by Planning Aid England at Health Training Centre.
Neighbourhood planning is a new way in which communities can to decide the future of the places where they live and work and they will be able to choose where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built, have their say on what those new buildings should look like and grant planning permission for the new buildings they want to see go ahead. Neighbourhood planning will be optional, not compulsory.
The Government wants to introduce the right to do neighbourhood planning through the Localism Bill. The Localism Bill is being debated by Parliament at the moment.

There are 5 stages:
1. Defining the neighbourhood, for this you must have a group of at least 21 members and be open to new members.
2. Preparing the plan – the group will be told how much planning is required for the area.
3. Your plan will need to be checked by an independent examiner.
4. Community referendum - in order for the local planning authority to bring it into force you will need more than 50 per cent of the people voting in the referendum to support the plan.
5. Legal Force - once a neighbourhood plan is in force, it carries real legal weight.
7. Newsletter
Main story, neighbourhood planning, highlights from the Committee minutes and information about the next General Meeting and timing.
8 Planning
Application for renewal of existing outline planning for 7 houses on the footprint of the old chicken sheds below Upper Lane.
Where the Sycamore has been pulled down on Hall Lane, it has been noticed that 4 beech trees opposite have been marked with an orange cross for felling. Where they are positioned is boggy so they may well be rotten, however that area was checked recently and all the trees were OK.
9 Members’ Evening 24th May 2012
Ann Hodgson has organised for a film of ‘Old Halifax’ and it is hoped that the School Choir will perform. Stuart to speak to Club about starting earlier to ensure there is enough time for both. Any earlier start time will need to published.
10. AOB
Sadly Jean Hunter has passed away, her funeral will be at Mount Zion, Ogden on Wednesday 2 May 2012.

Notes from the Northowram & Shelf Village Forum meeting held on:-
Wednesday 7th March 2012.
March 2012
The meeting was opened with an update to the future activities activities of the Village Society given by chairman of the society Mr S Shackleton. The main interest for the society committee was to be involved in the planned day for the Government Neighbourhood Planning Initiative. Following on, Mr M Beecham gave an update for the northowram.org web site, the main topics being the support given to the planned Scarecrow Festival. This was then backed up with information to how traders are now responding to using the web site with the promise of a door to door leaflet drop in the village to support the local businesses and activities of both the village society and historical society. The site has now over 1000 regular users.

Mr C Eves the Young Peoples Liason Officer for Calderdale gave an update to the venture to use the Northowram library new Childrens Centre meeting room for 2 sets of young peoples groups. There is a plan to have a meeting of 13 to 15 year olds and another to include 16 to 19 year olds. These would be run initially by volunteer qualified youth workers to get the groups up and running. Local residents voiced a concern that they should have been notified as they live close to the proposed venue. It was agreed to let resident know closer to finalisation of the plans. Concerns were also voiced as to previous youth clubs attracting trouble makers from outlying areas.

Notes from the Government Neighbourhood Planning Initiative to follow.

Scarecrow event plus 3 legged race now planned for 4th - 7th May.
February 2012
Residents in Northowram are planning a 4 day event including a Scarecrow Festival for the Bank Holiday weekend, 4 - 7 May, with things happening at various venues including a three legged fun day on Sunday 6th May. As well as promoting community spirit the purpose of the event is to raise money for the school and other village requirements.
More details on the Scarecrow event page. LINK TO SCARECROW PAGE
If you’d like to volunteer an activity or support the event. Please contact





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