Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee Meeting

12th January 2016 at The Shoulder of Mutton



Present:           Steve Amos (SA)

Jan Burrell (JB)

Peter Caffrey

                        Steve Collingwood (SC)

Jonny Jowett (JJ)

Ann Marie Luther (AML)

                        Ian Marshall (IM)

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley (AMP)

                        Richard Priestley (RP)

                        David Robinson (DR)

                        Helen Silsden (HS)

                        Molly J Varley (MJV)

                        Emma Whelan (EW)


Attending:        Andrea Collingwood (AC)

Apologies:       Andy Garrett (AG), Sally Garrett (SG), Sheila Hewitt (SH), Lynn Jagger (LJ), Leanne Watson (LW)


Agenda Item





See Present and Apologies list above.  Introductions from all members were made.




The Minutes from the meeting on 10th November 2015 were approved.




Matters Arising From Previous Minutes – Points from Item 2b from the last Minutes were carried forward (see below):-


i)               Get flagpole type banner for caravan – SG to get price – no update was made on this as SG was absent from the meeting.  JB agreed to take this forward and AMP would share the Scarecrow branding with her in order for her to action.


ii)              Memorial plaque – AMP circulated the amended wording for the plaque to the Committee for approval.  This was approved.  The stone is now available.  AMP to sort out the sizing for the plaque.


iii)             Plaques for projects funded by Community Fund – £8 per plaque on a minimum order of 18.  Debated whether to include year of issue on plaques.  AMP to liaise with Printout on this.     


Points from Item 6 Any Other Business:-


a)    Jewellery – See Item 6 of these Minutes.


b)    Progress with Bids – AED bid–  IM/PC were moving this forward.


c)    Website Advertising – PC would look into advertising the event on Calderdale website and the Ward Forum website.  HS to look into advertising on WhatÕs On In Yorkshire website.


























ChairÕs Report – Chair had sent apologies.  The Vice Chair (RP) spoke about the 11th November Memorial Service.  There had been a good turnout to the service and thanks had been given to Northowram School for their support.


The Vice Chair also spoke about the Christmas Lights in Northowram – lots of positive comments had been received about the lights.  It was noted that a bid for 2016 lights would be welcomed by the Committee.  Halifax Council had also agreed to pay £400 towards this yearÕs lights.  It was agreed that this would be paid into the Scarecrow Committee Account to enable the money to be received.







Table of Tasks

a)    Programme – The Business Commitment Form would be amended in regard to prices for adverts in the programme.  It was agreed that the prices would be £25 for a quarter page, £45 for half a page and £85 for a full page.


A sentence would be added to the Form stating how many programmes would be printed (1,000) so that all potential advertisers were aware of the circulation.


The sentence stating that any queries should be forward to AG at the Yew Tree would be removed.


b)    Advertising & Marketing  - See Item 5 of these Minutes.


c)    Raffle  - ongoing – to be added as an Agenda item for the Meeting on 9th February.


d)      ChildrenÕs Games – deferred as LW & SG had sent apologies – to be added as an Agenda item for the Meeting on 9th February.


e)    Vehicle Rally/Parade – deferred as AG had sent apologies.


f)     Street Market/Sale of Goods – Sue Gibson from the Community Centre would speak to the relevant person there regarding when a market could be held over the Scarecrow weekend.  It was noted that if the market was held on the Sunday, stallholders would not be able to set up until 12.00.  There was also the question of whether the Committee would be charged for use of the Centre.  PC to pick up discussion with the Community Centre.


JB agreed to speak to Northowram Club to ascertain whether the market could be held there, and if so, on which day.


There was also the possible option to hold the market at St MatthewÕs Church.  MV would look into this more fully if required,


g)    Boundary Run – volunteers would be required to marshall the run this year.  Lynn Jagger to be approached to see if she can supply rosettes for all runners.









































Leaflets had been printed and would be circulated around the village 3 times before the event.  The first distribution was agreed as below.  All to deliver by the February meeting.


SA – Coley View and Lydgate

JB – Queensmead and Main Road, Oaklands Avenue, Newlands Crescent and Newlands View

PC – Marldon Road, Longfield Avenue, Longfield Terrace, Hill View Gardens, Chelsea Mansions and The Rise

AC/SC – Tetley Lane, Penrose, Haven Close, Baxter Lane, Ebaneezer Cottages, Upper Lane and Hall Lane Estate

JJ – Stephen Close and down to the top of the cobbles, Park View and Chelsea View

AML – Tew Trees, Yarborough Croft and The Green to Stone Leigh

IM – The Running Club, Daleson Close and St MatthewÕs Drive

AMP/RP – The Arboretum and Landmere Syke

DR – Queen Victoria Drive, Queen Victoria Crescent, and round the top of the hill by the Farm Shop

HS – Windmill Drive, Windmill Crescent and down to the Windmill pub, The Green up to the Yew Tree.  Also to give out with paper deliveries

MV – Joseph Avenue, Leonacre Croft and Back Clough

LW – Westercroft

EW – Newlands Drive, Newlands Avenue and Newlands Grove


RP to organise a letter box outside the Newsagent for completed leaflets.


SC to get hold of previous emails sent to the Committee.  He would then chase previous registrations to see if they are interested in registering for 2016.


AMP to send leaflet to M Beecham and Northowram school for advertising on and via the school communications system.



































Any Other Business

a)    Jewellery – a sample of the lapel pins and key rings was circulated to the Committee.  The lapel pins would be £1.25 each to buy and the key rings £1.00.  It was agreed that they would be sold at the event for £1.50 each.  AMP to order 50 of each and to see if she could get them at a cheaper price, and sale on return.


b)    Advertising Banners – these would be placed outside Northowram Club, at Robinsons Farm Shop, Main Road outside Northowram Garage and at the Shoulder of Mutton.  AC to liaise with VW, Lightcliffe to see if one could be hung there.  DR would look into obtaining extra banners.


c)    Northowram Bake Off – SA wanted to discuss this idea in more detail.  This would be added to the Agenda for the February meeting.


d)    Letters of Thanks – A letter had been received from St MatthewÕs Church thanking the Committee for the donation towards the quiet garden and benches.  It was noted that the original invoices for this needed to be obtained from AG.


A letter had been received from Heywood Church thanking the Committee for the donation towards the graveyard renovations.  Photos will be sent to the Committee in due course.


Details of the above will be included in the next newsletter.


e)    Northowram.Org Website – AMP to discuss with Mike Beecham having someone as a back up support for the website.


f)     Christmas Do – Thanks were given to AMP and RP for organising the Christmas do which had been enjoyed by all who attended.






























Date And Time Of Next Meeting


Tuesday 9th February 2016 at 7.30 p.m.  To be held at Northowram Club.



All to note