Northowram Scarecrow Event

Aims and Objectives and Membership

Version 2 – 2016

Review 2017




The aim of Northowram Scarecrow Event is:-

á      to enhance a sense of community in the village;

á      to raise money which will benefit the community by supporting small local projects


The objective is to:

á      raise the profile of Northowram village

á      organise an annual community event that promotes inclusion of all the residents, businesses, churches and community groups in the village which ultimately benefits the whole community.



The committee will have a minimum of 12 members up to a maximum of 25.  Membership is drawn from local businesses, community groups and residents. In addition there can be an unlimited number volunteers or associate members.  Volunteers/Associate Members input and support is invaluable and they are welcome to all meetings, however there is no obligation to attend meetings.  All Committee members (maximum 25) will have a right to vote.  Associate Members may be invited to vote at the AGM.


The Committee has five key officers, Chair, Vice Chair, 2 x Treasurers and Secretary.  The TreasurerŐs role is jointly held by two people to ensure checks and balances are in place. In addition there are seven other lead roles which are key to the smooth running of the annual event and which ensure community wide inclusion, namely:-



All members representing community groups/churches/school will have an obligation to feedback to those groups on progress and decisions made. 


The Term of office for `Officers rolesŐ will be three years.  Those standing for re-election and nominations for replacement officers will be accepted at the AGM and voted on at the first ordinary meeting after the AGM.


All members standing for election for an Officers role must have been a member of the committee or worked with the committee as a volunteer or Associate Member for a minimum of one year.  In the event of an officer vacating their post mid-term, an Extraordinary General Meeting [EGM] will be called to nominate and vote in a replacement officer.  The new officers three year term will run from the next AGM.




The committee will meet monthly throughout the year except in December and weekly in April in the run up to the annual event held on May Day Bank Holiday each year.  All dates to be published on the website for a rolling 12 months but may be subject to change.


All meetings are minuted and the minutes published on or Scarecrow Event website (should one be developed). Voting at meetings shall be by simple majority.  In the event of a tie, the Chair shall have a second and casting vote. 

The quorum shall be 50% of the minimum membership (i.e. 6 votes). In the event of less than 6 members being present at a meeting, discussions can be held and recommendations made to the next committee meeting but no decisions can be made.




A Community Fund bank account holds all monies. The account requires two signatures (both Treasurers to perform this role). 


The accounts will be audited annually and reported on to the AGM.


A Bids Sub-Group has been established to review/evaluate bids for funding from the Scarecrow Community Fund against a pre-set criteria.  All applications for funding to be received by 30th June of each corresponding year.  This group will meet once a year in July and their recommendations will be ratified by the Committee at the next ordinary meeting with outcomes being delivered in August and published at the AGM.




An annual general meeting will be held each year on the 2nd Tuesday in September. 


AGM business to include:-

á      Reports from the Chair and Finance.

á      Nominations for membership/withdrawals will be accepted at the AGM to be voted on at the next ordinary committee meeting.

á      Suggestions will be collected from those attending, to be considered by the committee at future meetings.  


The Annual General Meeting will be the final meeting of the business year and all new members and officers roles will be voted on at the first committee meeting following the AGM.  A current list of Committee members and officers published on the website.