Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee Meeting

8th March 2016 at The Shoulder Of Mutton


Present:           Steve Amos (SA)                                            Ian Marshall (IM)                                 

Jan Burrell (JB)                                               Alison (MacGrath) Priestley (AMP)

Peter Caffrey (PC)                                          Richard Priestley (RP)

                        Steve Collingwood (SC)                                  David Robinson (DR)

Sheila Hewitt (SH)                                           Rachel Robinson (RR)

                        Lynne Jagger (LJ)                                           Molly J Varley (MJV)

                                                                        Emma Whelan (EW)


In Attendance  Andrea Collingwood (AC), Andrew and Cheryl Hutchinson (AH and CH)

Apologies:       Jonny Jowett (JJ), Andy Garrett (AG), Sally Garrett (SG), Ann Marie Luther (AML),

Helen Silsden (HS), Leanne Watson (LW)


Agenda Item





See Present and Apologies list above.  Introductions from all members and attendees were made.




The Minutes from the meeting on 9th February 2016 were approved with one amendment to the Present list.




Matters Arising From Previous Minutes – Points carried forward (see below):-


i)               Get flagpole type banner for caravan – JB provided the meeting with a cost for the banner of £265 with a 5 day turnaround on order.  Banner to be ordered which would include the Scarecrow logo and branding.


ii)              Memorial plaque – The approved wording has been sent to the printer who has been asked to use red or black colouring for the wording.  The printer will be sending an image of the plaque to AMP when completed who will then share with the Committee - PROCEEDING


iii)             Plaques for projects funded by Community Fund – The Committee decided that the year of issue would not be included on any plaques.  It was agreed that the Scarecrow Committee logo would be added to the plaques and the wording for these was agreed - PROCEEDING


Progress with Bids – AED bid   IM to put a bid together for this and the item would be brought back to the agenda in May 2016.


Website Advertising – The event had now been advertised in the Grapevine, the Northowram/Shelf/Southowram magazine and on the WhatÕs on in Yorkshire website.


SC had logged all previous registrations from email sources onto a central database.  A letter would be drafted to send out to previous registrations.  AMP to chase AG for any paper registrations.


Points from Item 6 Any Other Business:-

a)    Advertising Banners – Banners had been put up at the Shoulder of Mutton and Northowram Newsagents.  F Chislet would be putting up a banner in Mid March.  JB to arrange with Northowram Club at the meeting on 11th February for a banner to be put up outside.  AMP/RP to liaise with Stump Cross Inn, Duke of York and Shibden Mill Inn to see if banners could be put up at these venues.  VW Lightcliffe had agreed to put a banner up on their site


d)    Letters of Thanks - A letter had been received from St MatthewÕs Church thanking the Committee for the donation towards the quiet garden and benches.  It was noted that the original invoices for this needed to be obtained from AG.  AMP had chased AG for these invoices but would chase again as she had not received them.


e)    Northowram.Org Website – AMP had discussed with Mike Beecham about having someone as a back up support for the website.  Mike had responded that he did not require any support for this at present.














































ChairÕs Report

Resignation from the Committee had been received from AG and SG.  AMP would reply to their email accepting their resignation and thanking them for their work on the Committee.  It was agreed that the Vice Chair (RP) would step up to the Chair until the AGM in September, when any new nominations could be made.  Nomination forms would be sent out before then.







Table of Tasks

See attached table for progress updates.





Northowram Bake Off

See attached table of tasks for progress update




Any Other Business

An email had been received, via Mike Beecham, from Linda Hey offering face painting at the weekend event.  LW/EW to discuss with Linda what she would contribute to the event if she did come to face paint at the childrenÕs games location.


The next leaflet drop should take place in April (no further leaflets required printing) and the next Newsletter would be circulated as normal.


It was noted that the Yew Tree had been approached by various Committee Members asking if it would like to be involved with the Committee and the event.  No response had been received


SA would approach Royds Ice Cream to ask if they would like a pitch for the event and if so, agree a contribution from them to the event.


RR to approach ASA Nicholson to ask for their help in judging the Bake Off and maybe contributing prizes to the event.  AMP to approach the WI to see if they could also help with the judging of the Bake Off.


It was noted that a new volunteer would attend the next meeting with JB.


SG to be removed from the Admin of the Facebook page.  AMP to pick this up going forwards.


It was asked that all Members keep the Committee updated of any relevant progress by emailing





























Date And Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 12th April 2016 at 7.30 p.m.  To be held at Northowram Club.