Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee Meeting

26th April 2016 at Northowram Club

Present:           Steve Amos (SA)                                            Ian Marshall (IM)

Jan Burrell (JB)                                               Alison (MacGrath) Priestley (AMP)    

Peter Caffrey (PC)                                          Richard Priestley (RP)            

Steve Collingwood (SC)                                  David Robinson (DR)

                        Sheila Hewitt (SH)                                           Rachel Robinson (R)

                        Lynn Jagger (LJ)                                             Leanne Watson (LW)

                        Jonny Jowett (JJ)                                           Emma Whelan (EW)

Ann-Marie Luther (AML)                                


In Attendance: Diane Calcott (DC), James Cole (JC) Andrea Collingwood (AC), Jason Rooke (JR),

Apologies:       Helen Silson(HS), Molly J Varley (MJV)


Agenda Item





See Present, In Attendance and Apologies list above.




The Minutes from the meeting on 19th April 2016 were approved with one amendment to the Fun Run Item on the Table of Tasks.




Matters Arising From Previous Minutes – Points carried forward (see below):-


d)  Letters of Thanks – The invoices for the works done at St Matthew’s Church had been received from Andy Garrett.


Items carried forward from Item 6 Any Other Business:


Judging times had been confirmed to the judges.











Chair’s Report

Š       Business Support and Co-operation – an email had been received from a local business asking what mechanisms were in place re funding and support of local businesses.  A response to the email had been sent by the Chairman.  The Committee’s view was that all businesses were entitled to be involved with the festival as much as they saw fit.






Table of Tasks

See attached table for progress updates.





Any Other Business


 A float of £20 was agreed for the Fun Run.


SC would be collecting the water for the Fun Run from the donators at 6.00 p.m. on Wednesday 27th April to take on to the Sports Club.


The volunteers list for the weekend would be updated at the end of this meeting.


JR questioned the need for Liability Insurance – SA was looking into this to see if it was required for next year.


JR also questioned how the Committee is put together.  The Chairman explained how this was done, where the Terms of Reference and other relevant papers were held, and explained how the bidding for funds process worked.


The Halifax Evening Courier had been in touch and would be sending a photographer round the village to take photos of the event.


An email had been received from an ice cream van (business unknown) asking if they could come and sell at the event.  As Royds was already the official ice cream seller, an email of thanks but not on this occasion had been sent.













Date And Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 10th May 2016 at 7.30 p.m.  To be held at The Shoulder of Mutton.  The meeting would review the weekend and discuss what had gone well and lessons learned going forwards.