Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee Meeting

19th April 2016 at The Shoulder of Mutton

(Not for sharing beyond the Committee in draft)

Present:           Jan Burrell (JB)                                               Alison (MacGrath) Priestley (AMP)    

Peter Caffrey (PC)                                          Richard Priestley (RP)            

Steve Collingwood (SC)                                  David Robinson (DR)

                        Sheila Hewitt (SH)                                           Rachel Robinson (R)

                        Jonny Jowett (JJ)                                           Molly J Varley (MJV)

                        Ann-Marie Luther (AML)                                 Leanne Watson (LW)

Ian Marshall (IM)                                              Emma Whelan (EW)


In Attendance: Diane Calcott (DC), James Cole (JC) Andrea Collingwood (AC), Jason Rooke (JR),

Apologies:       Steve Amos (SA), Lynne Jagger (LJ), Helen Silson(HS)


Agenda Item





See Present, In Attendance and Apologies list above.




The Minutes from the meeting on 12th April 2016 were approved with two minor amendments.




Matters Arising From Previous Minutes – Points carried forward (see below):-


i)               Get flagpole type banner for caravan – The print company could not do what was required in the time required so the banner would be put on hold and reviewed for next year.


d)  Letters of Thanks – The invoices for the works done at St MatthewŐs Church had still not been received from Andy Garrett.  AMP would chase these again.


Items carried forward from Item 6 Any Other Business:


Royds Ice Cream had been contacted and a confirmation form was being completed.  A contribution from Royds would be 10% of any takings over Ł100.  A poster would be put together advertising the offer of any 99s bought from Royds would include an extra flake.  Locations for the van were confirmed as Shoulder of Mutton, The Yew Tree and Northowram Club.


Judges for the Bake Off were confirmed – Karen Piotr from the WI and Janice Faulkes.  Judging times would be confirmed to them.  No judge had been confirmed from D Pepper.


Locations for the fire engine were agreed – Saturday at the Shoulder of Mutton, Sunday at Northowram Club and Monday at the Yew Tree.

























ChairŐs Report

Nothing to note.






Table of Tasks

See attached table for progress updates.  In addition the Committee agreed to fund 50% of the cost of the marquee at RobinsonŐs Farm Shop as this is for the Bake-off and Craft fair.  RobinsonŐs meeting the other 50%.






Any Other Business

JR asked which days the face painter was coming.  The days were confirmed as Saturday and Monday at the ChildrenŐs Games area.


JR asked what was involved in being an information point for the event.  This involved being an official programme selling location and answering any questions about the event, e.g. on geography of Northowram.


PC asked for an electronic version of the scarecrow trail.  AMP to send this to PC.


RR informed the meeting that 2,000 event flyers were being sent out with a Robinsons shop promotion on Monday.  This had been sponsored by Robinsons Farm Shop.


JC informed the meeting that Northowram In Bloom would have 1 planter ready for the event and would be situated by the Memorial.


It was agreed that as well as a public vote for the best scarecows, there would also be a formal judging taking place.  AMP/MJV to obtain the judges for this.


Various signage for the event had been put together but needed printing out.  SC offered to do this.


SC asked as The Shoulder was running the annual Pool Competition would The Windmill and The Yew Tree like to put forward a team.  JR & DC agreed and it was agreed that AMP would circulate a sign in sheet to each pub outlining:-

á       Preliminary rounds to be organised and held in each pub by 29th

á       Final to be held in the Shoulder of Mutton on Saturday 30th

á       Entry fee Ł2 per person.

á       Prize – Name on trophy and half the money raised (other half to the Scarecrow fund)


































Date And Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 26th April 2016 at 7.30 p.m.  To be held at Northowram Club.