Notes of meeting of

Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee

3rd July 2012


Present:        Andy Garrett

                        Sally Garrett

Jonny Jowett

Mike turner

Richard Priestley

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley

Helen Silson

Shelia Hewitt

Peter Caffrey


Scarecrow Festival 2012

Money raised to be spent on a memorial to British War Dead.  Discussion around the where, when and how to progress that decision.  Peter Caffrey talking to the Planning department and Sally to get in touch with Chris Elvridge(?).  Paul Hughes, Draughtsman drawing up plans for a memorial to be sited (subject to planning) on the triangle outside school.  Highways have agreed and it was suggested that the committee do a letter/knock on doors to ensure neighbours have no objections.  It was agreed that the plaque on memorial to give credit to the people of Northowram by their contributions and support of the First Northowram Scarecrow Festival 2012. Wording to be clarified with Mayor, War Memorial Society and British Legion.   Thank you letters to be sent out to all those who supported the festival this year. 


Scarecrow Festival AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Scarecrow Festival Committee will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday September 25th at the Should of Mutton Pub.  All community groups and businesses in the village to be invited to attend.  Agenda to include the ChairmanŐs report, Financial report, plans for memorial and plans for next years festival.   Poster to be sent out - open to all to be involved.


Scarecrow Festival 2013

The 2013 Northowwram Scarecrow Festival will be held on May Bank holiday weekend 4th, 5th and 6th May 2013.  A booklet to be developed this year, work to start on that immediately after the AGM.  Contact to be made with all businesses in the village and surrounding area to get adds in the booklet.  A form to be devised for the adds and placed on the website.  One standard size utilised to ensure consistency on pricing.  Request to go in for land at school to be utilised for games at next years festival.  The school has been approached and welcomed the suggestion that Sarah Priestley be the link person between the school and the Scarecrow festival committee.