Notes of Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee meeting

28th April 2015

The Shoulder of Mutton








Andy Garrett

Sally Garrett

Richard Priestley

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley

Molly J Varley

Ann-Marie Luther

Jan Burrell

Sheila Hewitt

Lynn Jagger

Helen Silson

Julie Briscoe

















Ian Marshall – Boundary Run and Steve Collingwood - Volunteer

Agenda item no:






Apologies:- Rachel and David Robinson, Steve Amos and Peter Caffrey.


2. a)

Notes from meeting 21st April 2015 – approved.



2. b)

Matters arising – there were no matters arising that were not covered under the agenda.



All to note



The Chair welcomed everyone and apologised for not being able to attend recently.  He thanked everyone for holding the fort and ensuring all went forward according to plan.


The chair confirmed that 50 scarecrows have been registered so far.  However the registrations are coming in daily and this is a pattern that has been repeated in previous years.







All to note



a) Boundary Run

Ian Marshall attended re the boundary.  Signage handed over and a plan for water stations agreed.  Thanks go to the new Landlady of the Duke of York for volunteering to be the first water station.


b) Pool Tournament

Ongoing as previously discussed. 

Knockout rounds to be completed this week and finals played as planned.


c) Caravan & Volunteers

Caravan location confirmed as Club car park. 

Steve Collingwood – Drinks stations

Emma Burrell – Face painting & Glitter tattoos

Steve & Andrea Collingwood, Emma Naylor and Jaime Luther selling raffle tickets & collection buckets.   

Schedule for volunteer activities and caravan cover circulated and agreed.









All to note










All to note


Programme & trail questions

The programme and trail questions have been delivered.  Public Choice ballot sheets printed as this was omitted from the trail questions as planned.





All to note



a) ChildrenŐs Games

All arranged – signage prepared and passed on to JBr.

RP to buy prizes before the weekend.


b) Business commitment/raffle

Raffle prizes collected and listed.  Great response this year.


c) Advertising/News Releases

Advert on Visit Calderdale Facebook page.

Article in T&A last Friday.  HS still trying to contact the Courier.


d)  Raffle tickets/collections – Timing of Raffle

ID badges ready all volunteers and committee members to wear when working.  Pubs and Clubs to note that people will only be sent to sell raffle tickets or make collections with the correct ID.

Raffle to be held at approx. 5pm in club car park during the bandŐs intermission.


e) Posters, signage and re-locations

Signage complete for ChildrenŐs Games, More Scarecrows this way, Boundary Run and Pony Rides.


f)  Judges for Scarecrows.

Judges for the Best Scarecrow competition was agreed.





JBr & RP
























Any other business:-

a)    Fire engine agreed by PC.  Confirm the location for it to be Shoulder of Mutton on Saturday and the School on Sunday


b)    Risk assessment circulated – all to note and ensure appropriate actions taken.


c)    KendalŐs Ice-cream to donate Ł100 as per email to SA.







All to note




Date, Time and Venue of next meeting:

á      Tuesday 12th May 2015 7.30pm at the Shoulder of Mutton

á      Tuesday 4th August 2015 7.30 Subgroup meets for bids at Northowram Club. Note Change of date from 11th to 4th

á      Tuesday 18th August 2015 7.30pm at The Shoulder of Mutton

á      Tuesday 15th September 2015 7.30pm AGM at Northowram Club


2015 Northowram Scarecrow Festival 2nd, 3rd and 4th May 2015.








All to note