Northowram Scarecrow Festival

Annual General Meeting


Tuesday 25th September 2012



Aims & Objectives and Membership


The aim of Northowram Scarecrow Festival is:-

á      to enhance a sense of community in the village;

á      to provide safe entertainment for all those attending; and

á      to raise money which will benefit the community.


The objective is to raise the profile of Northowram village and to provide a community project that is inclusive of all the residents and businesses and community groups in the village and ultimately benefits the whole community.


The Committee

The committee will have a minimum of 12 members, membership has been drawn from local businesses, community groups and residents. The Committee will have four officers, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  The Treasurers role will be jointly held by two people to ensure checks and balances are in place. Other roles will be allocated to members as required and all members representing other groups will have an obligation to feedback to those groups on progress and decisions made.  An Annual General Meeting will be held on the third Tuesday of September each year and this will the final meeting of the business year.  All new members and officers roles will be voted on at the first committee meeting following the AGM.  All meetings will be minuted and the minutes kept by the secretary.  Voting at meetings shall be by simple majority.  In the event of a tie, the Chair shall have a second and casting vote.  The quorum shall be 50% of the minimum membership (i.e. 6 votes). In the event of too few members being present, discussions can be held and recommendations made to the next committee meeting but no decisions can be made.  The committee will remain as is for 2013 and a Vice3e Chair to be appointed at the October meeting of the Committee.



ChairmanÕs Report


Chairman, Andy Garrett thanked all those involved in the 1st Northowram Scarecrow Festival.  Particular thanks were extended to all the committee and local groups & organisations such as Haywood Chapel, St MathewÕs Church and the Village Society, who worked so hard to make this yearÕs event the success it was.


It has been agreed that the money raised this year will be used to erect a war memorial in the village.  Plans have been drawn up and are currently being consulted on and appropriate permission sought.


The ChairmanÕs report concluded by outlining high hopes for next years Scarecrow Festival.



Financial Report


The 1st Northowram Scarecrow Festival raised £2,235 


£200 was donated to the late Dr BrownÕs chosen charity, Cancer Research UK. 


£210 was spent on printing, stationary, and sundries (inc. £60 for gazebo).


Currently there is £1,775.75p in the bank account. 





Sally Garrett gave an update on marketing plans for the forthcoming year.  It has been suggested that a booklet about the festival be developed this will require recruiting advertising from local businesses.



Open to floor for questions


Memorial to be erected in the triangle in the village.

Suggestion forms circulated at meeting, these to be available on web-page to enable people to have input to planning.

Time-line for next yearÕs festival to be completed by Jan 2013

Traditional three-legged charity run to be revitalised as part of the Scarecrow festival in 2013.


Committee members:      


Role/Group Represented

Andy Garrett 


Sally Garrett

Founder member

Jonny Jowett & Dave Midgley


Mike Turner

St MathewÕs Church

Richard Priestley

Formally the Queen Victoria

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley


Helen Silson

Northowram Newsagents

Sheila Hewitt

Shoulder of Mutton

Peter Caffrey

Local Authority link

Steve Amos

Risk Assessment/Health & Safety

Sharon Hill & Andrea Warrington

ChildrenÕs activities

Lynn Jagger

Riding School

JackÕs Bar manager

JackÕs Bar/Windmill

David & Rachel Robinson

Robinsons Farm Shop



Sarah Priestley

Northowram School~parent link (new role)