Notes of Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee meeting

20th May 2014

Shoulder of Mutton








Andy Garrett

Sally Garrett

Richard Priestley

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley

Jonny Jowett

Molly J Varley

Ann-Marie Luther

Jan Burrell

Helen Silson

David Robinson

Julie Briscoe

Sheila Hewitt

Peter Caffrey

















There were no members of the public attending this meeting




Agenda item no:







Steve Amos, Carol Deeks, Sarah Priestley and Dave Midgley



2. a)

Notes from meeting 29th April 2014 – approved.



2. b)

Matters arising:– there were no matters arising from the minutes of the meeting on 29th April 2014 that were not covered on the agenda.  (AMP to follow up with Sure Start on their involvement next year as it did not happen as planned)







The Chair apologised for the late cancellation of the advertised meeting on 13th May.  It was unavoidable and had to be put back to 20th.

Thanks for everyoneŐs contribution to another successful weekend.  A lot of hard work has gone into organising it and that is much appreciated.

The remainder of the ChairŐs report come under item 4 below.







All to note


a)     Financial

á      The transfer to new signatories is being processed.

á      Monies raised over the Scarecrow weekend amount to Ł1,614.57.

á      A complete financial breakdown will be brought to the next meeting on 19th August and published following the AGM in Sept.

á      Bids received by 31st July will be reviewed at a Sub-Group meeting on 5th August and decisions validated at the next full committee meeting on 19th August.


b)     Prize Allocation

á      Raffle prize winners – all contacted.

á      Trail winners – all contacted.

á      Kids Trail winners – contacted.

á      Guess the Teddy winner - contacted.

á      ChildrenŐs colouring competition – claimed.

á      Certificates not given out this year – committee agreed it was now too late for this year, but it was agreed that we locate a caravan to be used as an information centre/central distribution point for next yearŐs event.


c)      Memorial update

á      Some Committee members met at the Memorial Stone with a Council representative and Kris Elvidge.  As there has been a grant allocated to the council for the maintenance of the memorial it was agreed with Council rep how the ground work around the stone should be completed.  Options for the front of the stone considered either a brass or wrought iron plaque of either a poppy or laurel wreath or an engraved thin stone to be fixed to the front.  KE to give AG a drawing of what can be done in stone and prices for metal one to be obtained.


á      Wording for a plaque was debated and AMP asked for peopleŐs views to be brought back to the next meeting in August.  The overall costs to complete the memorial were discussed and should be brought to the next meeting.


á      Communication of plans for the memorial discussed and it was agreed the newsletter will provide an update on progress to ensure people know what the next steps are.  This also to be posted on the Facebook page and website.












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Scarecrow Event 2015 – lessons learned.

The Committee have listened to comments by members of the public and the main concern seems to be how do we find out where to get information on what is happening, trail questions, Raffle tickets etc.  Therefore the following was agreed for next yearŐs event:-


a)    Caravan – to be sourced and sign written for a central distribution point/information centre. 


b)    Communication – More consistent use of website, facebook page and email.  HS nominated as media contact.


c)    Judging – There should be a `PeopleŐs choiceŐ included in next yearŐs best scarecrow competition.


d)    Boundry run – has been suggested for next year.  The idea was very well received.  Hopefully someone who runs will join at the AGM to organise that.


e)    Three legged walk – not well supported this year, agreed not to include it next year.


f)      ChildrenŐs activities – need to invest in games and work to be undertaken on a central venue for the games.


g)    Raising Funds – next year we need to focus on commitment to advertising, raffle prizes and donations early in 2015.  It is planned to design a form and take it to all business in January.


h)    Roles and Responsibilities – AMP to draw up protocols for the roles and responsibilities of each Committee member. 







































Any other business:-

á      Letter received from Heywood Church, which AG read out, the comments were very well received and thanks go to Marylyn Burton and Heywood for them.






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Date, Time and Venue of next meeting:


Tuesday 19th Aug 2014, 7.30pm at The Yew Tree




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