Notes of Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee meeting

18th August 2015

The Shoulder of Mutton







Andy Garrett

Sally Garrett

Richard Priestley

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley

Molly J Varley

Ann-Marie Luther

Sheila Hewitt

Helen Silson

Steve Amos

Peter Caffrey














Steve Collingwood – Volunteers


Agenda item no:




Apologies:- Jan Burrell, Andrea Collingwood, Ian Marshall, Lynn Jagger



2. a)


Notes from meeting 12th May 2015 – approved.




The issue of the proposed skate park has been deferred indefinitely.  Whilst this is generally thought to be a project beneficial to the community there is no lead person identified to bring a bid nor is there a location available.  The committee would welcome a bid in the future if these issues where addressed.




The Chair welcomed everyone and said all was covered on the agenda regarding this years event and preparation for the AGM in September. 



4. a)

The annual accounts are being drawn up and will be audited and presented at the AGM. To enable accounting and auditing to be undertaken in a timely manner prior to the AGM it was agreed to re-set the year end date.  There were 3 options on the table as follows:-

      31st May Bids deadline; 31st July Year End

      31st July Bids deadline; 31st August Year end

      31st July Year End and Bids deadline (allocation of money out to bids accounted in following year).


It was decided to follow option 3 therefore the `year end for accounting purposes will be 31st July annually.





All to note



Bids for funding have been reviewed and the committee voted on and agreed the proposals made by the sub-group on all 7 bids.  Applicants to be written to and info to be published at the AGM.

These monies will now be accounted in the 2015/2016 year due the change in year end date (see item 4a) above).





All to note


New Roles & Responsibilities – Discussion around those stepping down at AGM.  It is hoped new members will join at the AGM and it was agreed that new roles and responsibilities would be allocated at the October meeting.  Potential nominees to be contacted regarding the AGM.




What we did well and what we can improve on was discussed from suggestions made over the weekend event.  It was agreed to implement the following:-

    Publish the programme in advance;

    Keep in the public vote on the trail questionnaire;

    Include a question to get people back to the Caravan;

    Idea to try a new format and name for Toddler trail;

    Idea to have a headline activity each day – i.e. Teddy-bears picnic;

    Get flagpole type banner for caravan (SG to get price);

    Develop blank laminated sheets for impromptu signs;

    Make/get a stand for Scarecrow Jewellery and other sale items outside the caravan;

    Get/make a letter box that can be used to drop in entries or suggestions when caravan closed;

    Potential for sponsorship - T-shirts; Dog Show;


















All to note


Any Other Business

Memorial Plaque – AMP to get price. 


Also plaques for projects funded by Community Fund ­– RP to get prices.








Date, Time and Venue of next meeting:


      Tuesday 15th September 2015 7.30pm AGM at Northowram Club

      Tuesday 13th October 2015 7.30pm at The Shoulder of Mutton




All to note