Notes of Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee meeting

18th November 2014

The Queen Victoria Pub     








Andrew Garrett

Sally Garrett

Richard Priestley

Molly J Varley

Jan Burrell

Steve Amos

Sheila Hewitt

Julie Briscoe

Becky White

Tony Lewis















Agenda item no:







Alison MacGrath, Dave Whelan, Helen Silson, Dave Burrell, Ann-Marie Luther, Peter Caffrey



2. a)

Notes from meeting 14th October 2014 – approved.



2. b)

Matters arising from meeting 14th October 2014:–

A complete list of dates times and venues for meetings through the next year are included in the minutes of each meeting also repeated below – all to note please.





All to note



The Chair commented on the success of the memorial service held at 11am on 11th November.  Comments included:-

1.    There was no media coverage of the service.

2.    Local people commented they were unaware of the planned service.  Advertising for this should be looked into.  AMG and HS to follow up on this.


The Chair also paid tribute to Carol Deeks a former member of the committee, who passed away in October.  Carol made a valuable contribution to the work of the committee and will be much missed.












All to note


Memorial Update

RP updated on Calderdale College’s progress with a metal poppy wreath for the road facing side of the memorial stone.  It now remains for arrangements to be made to collect and attach it to the stone.





All to note





Scarecrow Event 2015

a)    Boundary Run - DW provided information on proposed boundary run.  He has put forward two possible routes both of which have been chosen for the minimal number of cross roads and/or safety issues.  Copies of route maps shared out.  To be discussed at January meeting.


b)    JBr provided a list of Children’s Games required:-

Tin can ally;

Mole in the hole;

Roll a 10p;

Outdoor garden archery;

Face paints & glitter tattoos;

Guess the Teddy’s name;


Hook the duck;

Bean bag throw;

Goal posts and football.

Costs approx £120 JB to source costs for labels for medals.


c)    Business Commitment Forms

Costs for printing brochures need to be clarified before completion of the business form to ensure cost of adverts covers printing costs – SCG to find out by January meeting.


d)    Banners - RP & AMP to get quotes for banners/plaques.







All to note














JB & JBr









Scarecrow Jewellery

All agreed to order as follows:-

100 necklaces; 100 pairs of earrings; 50 danglies.

AMP to place order and AML & MJV to authorise payment.







Christmas Newsletter

A final draft of the Christmas newsletter tabled and approved.  To be distributed early December to businesses for display and sharing with their customers.







Any other business:-

Š      Volunteer required from the membership to cover the role held by Carol Deeks.  To be put forward for discussion and decision at the January meeting.

Š      Clarity around Christmas lights for the village.  The note from the meeting 14/10/14 was:-

Funding for Christmas lights – HS introduced her father who has started a campaign to get lights for Northowram this year.  The idea was very well received, however as a substantial amount has already been raised it was agreed a bid would be put in next year.

No contribution required for this year, however a bid for funding further Christmas lights will be expected and welcomed by 31st July 2015.





All to note











All to note


Date, Time and Venue of next meeting:

Š      Tuesday 10th February 2015 7.30pm at The Shoulder of Mutton

Š      Tuesday 10th March 2015 7.30pm at Northowram Club

Š      Tuesday 14th April 2015 7.30pm at The Windmill Tavern

Š      Tuesday 21st April 2015 7.30pm at The Queen Victoria

Š      Tuesday 28th April 2015 7.30pm at The Yew Tree Inn

Š      Tuesday 12th May 2015 7.30pm at The Shoulder of Mutton

Š      Tuesday 11th August 2015 7.30 Subgroup meets for bids – venue tbc.

Š      Tuesday 18th August 2015 7.30pm at The Yew Tree Inn

Š      Tuesday 15th September 2015 7.30pm AGM at Northowram Club









All to note