Notes of Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee meeting

14th May 2013

Yew Tree Inn





Andy Garrett

Sally Garrett

Richard Priestley

Alison MacGrath Priestley

Jonny Jowet

Dave Midgley

Lynn Jagger

Andrea Warrington

Steve Amos

Rachel Robinson

David Robinson













Paul Slade




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Mike Turner

Jan Burrell

Sheila Hewitt

Peter Caffrey

Jonathan Mitchell


2. a)

Notes from meeting 30th April 2013 – approved.



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Matters arising:–

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the meeting on 30th April not covered by the agenda.






ChairÕs report stated the weekend a fantastic success.  There was a great turn-out and he has received really good feedback.  There were some really great Scarecrows and in the final round-up there were 74 registered scarecrows and quite a few more that were not registered all to a very high standard.  The list of the winners of the first 5 places are published on website (Scarecrow Event page).


The Chair thanked everyone involved for making it such a successful event, especially the volunteers and organisations and businesses in the village who put in so much effort to create a welcoming atmosphere and lots of diverse activities to suit all tastes.













All to note


Financial round-up.  DM & JJ gave an overview of the money raised so far this year.  With more pledged money still to come in there is currently £1921 banked.  The Treasurer is sure that with the additional money pledged it will be around £2k again this year.





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Lessons learned:-

a)    Information needs to be in in a timely manner next year.  A number of issues have arisen as a result of late submission of plans for activities. 

Deadline of January 2014 agreed for submissions of plans for next year`s Event.  This will enable the Committee to prevent duplication of activities and publication of programmes earlier.

b)    Not duplicating activities – this needs better planning next year.  It will be helped by all activities being registered by January and enable the Committee to negotiate timings so similar activities can be scheduled on different days at different venues.

c)    St Mathews Church back field is not appropriate for childrenÕs games as it is too out of the way.  The Committee will review other options before next yearÕs event.

d)    Car Boot Sale needs to be on Sunday as that is the traditional day for them.  Turn out this year for the Boot Sale on Saturday was disappointing.

e)    A list of business in the area to be developed which will ensure no-one has been missed and potentially allow widening of the net for sponsorship and support into surrounding areas like Shelf, Coley and Stump Cross.

f)      Leaflet drop to be organised next year as the lack of information is always an issue.  This will be partly helped by a) above and early collation of information.  But although the website is kept updated it is not accessed by all therefore it was agreed that a leaflet drop would be helpful to keep people informed.

g)    Sponsorship for Scarecrows has been suggested it is agreed that this is something the Committee will look at in more detail.
























A news piece for the website has been drafted and with agreed amendments will be posted on the website and forwarded to the School so that people do not need to wait until September to find out the outcome of this yearÕs event.







The Annual General Meeting of the Scarecrow Event Committee will be held on September 17th 2013.  Committee members are requested to bring all items for the agenda to the July meeting.  The AGM will be the opportunity for the community to find out more about the Committee and where the money has been spent, to make suggestions as to how the money raised can best be utilised and to nominate themselves or others to join.   A nomination form will be made available and posted on the website very soon.









AMP – forms

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Any other business:-

a)    Memorial – it has been suggested by a number of people that we place the stone in the site and tidy the surround up.  This will provide a visible example of where the money raised is going and it will always be possible to upgrade the memorial in years to come if there is a communal desire to do so.








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Date, Time and Venue of next meeting:


Tuesday 17th July 2013, 7.30pm at The Yew Tree Inn



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