Notes of Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee meeting

14th April 2015

Northowram Club    








Richard Priestley

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley

Molly J Varley

Ann-Marie Luther

Sally Garrett

Jan Burrell

Sheila Hewitt

David & Rachel Robinson

Lynn Jagger

Julie Briscoe

Helen Silson

Jordana Gallanders

Connor Manning



















Steve & Andrea Collingwood, Jacky Midgley, Emma Burrell and Leanne Hornsey - Volunteers

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Apologies:- Andy Garrett, Steve Amos and Peter Caffrey



2. a)

Notes from meeting 10th March 2015 – approved.



2. b)

Matters arising – there were no matters arising that were not covered on the agenda.



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The Deputy Chair welcomed everyone and gave the ChairŐs apologies for not being able to attend. 


RP making reference to changes in the venues available for the Scarecrow Event this year stated it may be necessary to open the caravan a couple of days before the event.  He confirmed that AG and SCG would remain involved in planning the event.  The committee unanimously agreed with the Deputy ChairŐs offer of support to both and wanted it recorded how important and valued their contribution has been to date.











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a) Boundary Run

Ian Marshall unable to attend today but Jacky Midgley attended for the Sports & Activities Club.  Boundary Fun Run has been discussed and route agreed.  Pubs to provide water and Steve Collingwood volunteered to provide a mobile water supply.


b) Pool Tournament

A knockout pool tournament to be run over the Scarecrow w/e.  Knockout matches in each pub, 1st and 2nd place winners to quarter in the Shoulder on Saturday 2nd.  Semi Final in JackŐs Bar (note change of venue from advertised) on Sunday 3rd and Final in Queen Victoria on Monday 4th. 

c) Volunteers

Steve Collingwood – Drinks stations

Emma Burrell – Face painting & Glitter tattoos

Other volunteers will be allocated roles such as selling raffle tickets at the next meeting.














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Programme & trail questions

A draft of the programme was circulated for proof reading.  Once amended it will go to print tomorrow.  All the questions are in now and thanks go to Andy & Cheryl Hutchinson for all their hard work in developing diverse questions each year.






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a) ChildrenŐs Games

Games purchased.  JBr has circulated a poster asking for volunteers to help on Sunday and Monday – more volunteers still required.  Tombola prizes required – members agreed to bring items to next meeting.


b) Local Involvement/suggestions

In line with the `Street marketŐ theme this year AMP has received a couple of requests to hold stalls:-

i)               Sure Start to hold a drop in to `build a scarecrowŐ on Saturday only.

ii)              A resident on Lydgate to sell cream teas.  Money raised to be divided between the Community Fund and Macmillan.

iii)            Lynn Jagger of the Riding School to organise a `Guess the weight of the LambŐ competition.


a)    c) Business commitment/village booklet

Promised donations have been collated from the completed business commitment forms and raffle prizes will be collected next week.  A list of raffle prizes to be published.


The village booklet has gone to press.  Some concerns expressed by the current manager of the website regarding the constraints of time, capacity and funding for running the website going forward.  The committee agreed the value of this medium for sharing news about the Scarecrow Event and in light of that Mike Beecham to be invited to the May meeting to discuss the issues and agree a way forward.


d) Banners; Caravan signwriting : Plaques/sponsorship

i)               Banners - all up now.

ii)             Caravan signage complete and the caravan on display in the village.

iii)            AMP left message with College/Motivate re plaques for memorial site and for recipients of funding – awaiting response.


e) Advertising/News Releases

HS updated that Shelf, Northowram & Southowram news have included an article on the Scarecrow event and the Courier continues to include updates weekly.

AMP has contacted the Visit Calderdale website and hopefully it will be included on there shortly.


f)  Raffle tickets/collections – ID Badges

ID badges developed and AG to sign.  Pubs and Clubs to note that people will only be sent to sell raffle tickets or make collections with the correct ID.































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Charitable Status & Audit arrangements

PC dealing with arrangements for an audit of accounts.  This item deferred to after the scarecrow weekend.






Any other business:-

a)    Risk Assessment undertaken by SA.  AMP to forward to Ian Marshall re the Boundary Fun Run.


b)    AML & MJV to organise floats/petty cash for the w/e


c)    Funding Sub-group meeting date changed to 4th August 2015 from 11th.









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Date, Time and Venue of next meeting:

á      Tuesday 14th April 2015 7.30pm at The Windmill Tavern

á      Tuesday 21st April 2015 7.30pm at The Queen Victoria

á      Tuesday 28th April 2015 7.30pm at The Yew Tree Inn

á      Tuesday 12th May 2015 7.30pm at the Shoulder of Mutton

á      Tuesday 4th August 2015 7.30 Subgroup meets for bids – venue tbc. Note Change of date from 11th to 4th

á      Tuesday 18th August 2015 7.30pm at The Yew Tree Inn

á      Tuesday 15th September 2015 7.30pm AGM at Northowram Club


2015 Northowram Scarecrow Festival 2nd, 3rd and 4th May 2015.










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