Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee Meeting


October 2015 At The Shoulder Of Mutton

Present: Steve Amos (SA)

Jan Burrell (JB)

Steve Collingwood (SC)

Andy Garrett (AG)

Sally Garrett (SG)

Sheila Hewitt (SH)

Jonny Jowett (JJ)

Ann-Marie Luther (AML)

Ian Marshall (IM)

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley (AMP)

Richard Priestley (RP)

Helen Silson (HS)

Molly J Varley (MJV)

Leanne Watson (LW)

Emma Whelan (EW)

Attending: Andrea Collingwood (AC)

Apologies: Peter Caffrey (PC)

Agenda Item Notes Action
1. See Present and Apologies list above. Introductions from all members were made.
2a. The Minutes from the meeting on 18th August were approved.
2b. Matters Arising From Previous Minutes Item 4d from the last Minutes was carried forward (see below) “What we did well and what we can improve on” was discussed from suggestions made over the weekend event. It was agreed to implement the following: Publish the programme in advance; Keep the public vote on the trail questionnaire; Include a question to get people back to the caravan; Idea to try a new format and name for Toddler trail; Idea to have a headline activity each day -i.e. teddy bears picnic; Get flagpole type banner for caravan SG to get price; Develop blank laminated sheet for impromptu signs; Make/get a stand for Scarecrow Jewellery and other sale items outside the caravan; Get/make a letter box that can be used to drop in entries or suggestions when caravan closed; Potential for sponsorship T-shirts, Dog Show. Memorial plaque AMP to get a price. Plaques for projects funded by Community Fund SG All to note AMP RP
3. Chair’s Report
3a. AGM notes The Notes from the AGM have been published on the website. It was noted that there had not been a large turnout in numbers to the AGM. The AGM is advertised on, but it was suggested going forwards adding an invitation to the bottom of the trail sheets for more publicity. AMP
3b. Financial Report The Accounts had been audited. A minor book keeping discrepancy had been identified and it had been agreed to correct this to show in next year’s Accounts. It would be published that the Accounts were now signed off and approved.
3c. Funding/Bids -A letter updating the Committee had been received from the Christmas Lights Project. A village “Merry Christmas” lights sign would be put up this year and would be positioned on the gable end of Northowram Club. A letter of thanks had been received from St Matthew’s Church, for monies contributed towards their kitchen refurbishment. Pictures of the completed work will be sent to the Committee. Benches have also been installed in the quiet garden at the church. Again, pictures will be taken and an update would then be published on Discussion took place in relation to the bid for a village defibrillator. The idea of having one in the village was supported, but before monies could be released for this, certain criteria had to be met, e.g. location of the equipment, who would take responsibility for the maintenance and running costs. AMP to suggest to J Jennings that a full bid answering these questions be re-submitted. AMP
4 a & b. Voting In Of New Members/Allocation Of Roles & Responsibilities 5 new Members were nominated and approved: E Whelan Minutes Secretary I Marshall Northowram Sports Club Fun Run S Collingwood Joint Treasurer L Watson Children’s Games Co-ordinator to work with S Garrett J Jowett Charity Co-ordinator to work with AM Luther. P Caffrey to speak to S Rushforth at Northowram School to discuss the possibility of a PTFA member getting involved in the Children’s Games. How long each individual continued with their role was their choice. This item will be raised annually to ensue roles are still appropriate. PC
5a & b. Programme for 2016 See Task List.
6. Any Other Business It was agreed that a question should be added to the bottom of the Children’s Trail, asking for suggestions as to what people would like to see set up for Young People in Northowram. A letter had been received from an Art & Design student requesting information for her course, about the Festival. S Collingwood to reply to this. A request was made for more rosettes for the Fun Runners. This was agreed and these would be provided. AMP SC
7. Date And Time Of Next Meeting Tuesday 10th November at 7.30 p.m. To be held at Northowram Club.