Notes of Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee meeting

12th May 2015  at the The Shoulder of Mutton








Andy Garrett

Richard Priestley

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley

Molly J Varley

Ann-Marie Luther

Jan Burrell

Sheila Hewitt

Lynn Jagger

Helen Silson

Julie Briscoe

Rachel Robinson

David Robinson

Steve Amos

Peter Caffrey



















Ian Marshall – Boundary Run

Andrea and Steve Collingwood – Volunteers

Jane Jennings & John Spikings – WYAS re AED

Mike Beecham - Website

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Apologies:- Sally Garrett




Funding Related Presentations



Jane Jennings locally based fast responder and John Spikings from Yorkshire Ambulance Service attended to clarify what an AED for the village would require.  The committee had previously raised concerns around training, maintenance and running costs?


The AED costs Ł900 and the secure cabinet costs Ł450.  Potential running costs are approx. Ł5 per year for electricity.  Possibly a small additional charge for insurance or replacement pads or batteries.  Unit comes with two sets of pads.  JS explained there would be no training needs as the AED provides voice prompts and will not shock unless appropriate.  There will be no maintenance as the unit is self-sufficient and the Ambulance Service will look after any issues arising with AED, also the unit comes with a 10 year guarantee.  A Guardian should be appointed in the village to be the main point of contact and JJ would be ideally placed to carry out that role. 


A bid to put in by end July, the committee very clear that our role could only be initial funding as we do not have capacity for on-going involvement.  JJ to pursue a suggested option of locating the AED at the Doctors Surgery. 




Website –Mike Beecham attended to outline issues arising from running the website.  MB gave the background to how the website was set up.

Original funding from community groups and local businesses has now been used up.  Discussion around future options.  Members expressed good will to support MB and suggested he submit a bid for funding.








All to note

3. a)

Notes from meeting 28th April 2015 – approved.



3. b)

Matters arising – there were no matters arising that were not covered under the agenda [see lessons learned below at 6a)].



All to note



The Chair welcomed everyone and apologised for not being able to attend recently.  He thanked everyone who gave up their time to make this yearŐs event another success despite the poor weather over the first half of the weekend. 




All to note



a) Money Raised - First rough balances it looks like the event has raised a similar amount to previous years.  Details to next committee meeting and to be made public at AGM.


b) Competitions & Prizes - All prize winners notified, their prizes are in the Newsagents for collection.  Public choice very popular, will definitely need to include again next year.  Also very positive that the outcome was the same for both Judges Choice and the Public Choice.


c) Raffle - 40 prizes have been drawn, list of prize winners circulated and will be published in the June newsletter. 


d) Activities

i) ChildrenŐs Games – disappointment there were no games on Saturday, however Julie Briscoe did a brilliant job running them on Sunday and Monday and indoor activities were available in the Methodist Church and Sure Start on Sat.


ii) Pool Competition – Won by Gaz Keegan.  Run in one day next year as uptake poor due to three day run. Also possible under 16 pool next year.


iii) Football Match – a great success – SH to run again.


iv) Boundary Run – approx. 30 people ran the boundary run. Definite for next year.  Kids took rosettes into school for Show and Tell. Affiliation link to Running Club in newsletter.


v) Build a Scarecrow – Sure Start had over 50 under 5Ős helping to build their scarecrow.


vi) Crafts & Scarecrow CafŽ – Methodist Church reported a great turnout for their activities especially on the wet days.


vii) Traditional Sweets – sadly the weather had an adverse effect on the sweet cart but top marks to Lisa for trying.


viii) Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory – run on Monday a great success.


ix) Pony Rides & Guess the weight of the Lamb – Lynn reported a good turn out for her pony rides and guess the weight of the lamb was a success also.

x) Dog Show – Great venue, but not as good a turn out  as previous years due to last minute change of venue, but more clarity around that next year.


xi) Stalls : Bun sales – Our real live Scarecrows did a great job of selling both buns and raffle tickets over the weekend.


xii) Scarecrow Jewellery – went well but enough stock for next year left over. 













































All to note









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Future Actions & Improvements

a)    Suggestions/Lessons learned –

á    Publish programme in advance;

á    Public vote on trail questionnaire;

á    Include a question to get people back to the Caravan;

á    Idea to try a new format for Toddler trail – collect letters;

á    Re-name Toddler Route either Kiddies or ChildrenŐs;

á    Have a headline activity every day – i.e. Teddy-bears picnic;

á    Get flagpole type banner for caravan;

á    Verify closing time for Caravan and stick to it;

á    Develop blank laminated sheets for impromptu signs;

á    Make/get a stand for Scarecrow Jewellery outside the caravan;

á    Get/make a letter box that can be used to drop in entries when caravan closed.


b)    Newsletter June -

á    Draft brought to meeting – approved.


c)    Plaques & Sponsorship -

á    Deferred to next meeting













All to note


Accounts & Auditing

AMP to set up meeting re finance for MJV, AML, PC and RP.


AMP to approach an Accountant re auditing the books.







Any other business:-

a)    Julie Briscoe coming off the committee next year, need volunteers to organise childrenŐs games.


b)    Skate Park raised again as possible funding project – PC to revisit possible sites.




All to note





Date, Time and Venue of next meeting:


á      Tuesday 18th August 2015 7.30pm at The Shoulder of Mutton

á      Tuesday 15th September 2015 7.30pm AGM at Northowram Club

á      Tuesday 13th October 2015 7.30pm at The Shoulder of Mutton





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