Northowram Scarecrow Festival Committee Meeting


November 2015 at Northowram Club


Present: Steve Amos (SA)

Jan Burrell (JB)

Steve Collingwood (SC)

Sheila Hewitt (SH)

Jonny Jowett (JJ)

Ian Marshall (IM)

Alison (MacGrath) Priestley (AMP)

Richard Priestley (RP)

Molly J Varley (MJV)

Rachel Robinson (RR)

David Robinson (DR)

Lynn Jagger (LJ)

Attending: John Hoggard for Memorial Service arrangements.

Apologies: Peter Caffrey (PC), Andy Garrett (AG), Sally Garrett (SG), Emma Whelan (EW),

Leanne Watson (LW), Andrea Collingwood (AC) Helen Silsden (HS) Ann-Marie

Luther (AML)

Agenda Item Notes Action
1. See Present and Apologies list above. Introductions from all members were made.
2a. The Minutes from the meeting on 13th October 2015 were approved.
2b. Matters Arising From Previous Minutes -Item 2b from the last Minutes was carried forward (see below) i) “What we did well and what we can improve on” was discussed from suggestions made over the weekend event. It was agreed to implement the following: Publish the programme in advance; Keep the public vote on the trail questionnaire; Include a question to get people back to the caravan; Idea to try a new format and name for Toddler trail; Idea to have a headline activity each day -i.e. teddy bears picnic; Get flagpole type banner for caravan SG to get price; -deferred Develop blank laminated sheet for impromptu signs; Make/get a stand for Scarecrow Jewellery and other sale items outside the caravan; Get/make a letter box that can be used to drop in entries or suggestions when caravan closed; Potential for sponsorship T-shirts, Dog Show. ii) Memorial plaque AMP has got quotes from Printout Colour Printers which compare favourably with previous quotes -£75 + VAT excluding stone. iii)Plaques for projects funded by Community Fund £8 per plaque on a minimum order of 18 -as above. Debated whether to include year of issue on plaques. AMP to liaise with Printout on this. SG All to note AMP RP/AMP
3. Chair’s Report Chair had sent apologies therefore the Vice Chair (RP) updated on plans for the Memorial Service on 11/11/15. John Hoggard from the British Legion attended to outline arrangements. In Addition the Chair has purchased a microphone and amplifier, which will be used at the memorial but also at other Scarecrow events and will be an asset for raffles etc. All to note
4. Table of Tasks a) Programme AMP has worked with the Printers to upgrade the programme for future events. Discussion around costs & quantities. b) Advertising & Marketing -i) Decided to advertise forthcoming event before Christmas, again in February and at Easter to capture visitors to the area. ii) Business commitment to be collected as in previous years. iii) Leaflet to be prepared and delivered before Christmas and again in New Year (£99 for 1000). iv) Newsletter to be prepared for December distribution. c) Raffle -ongoing; d) Children’s Games deferred as LW & SG had sent apologies; e) Vehicle Rally/Parade deferred as AG had sent apologies; f) Dog Show ongoing; g) Street Market/Sale of Goods venue options discussed. Advertising on leaflet, website and in Newsletter. h) Boundary Run ongoing. AMP AMP JJ/AML LW/SG AG AML SA/AMP IM
5 Christmas Social Agreed on Monday 7th or 14th for Social gathering. Also agreed to stay local. All to note
6. Any Other Business a) Jewellery Scarecrow Jewellery provider now does lapel pins and key rings. Decided not to order at present until we ascertain how much stock we have in hand. b) Progress with bids AMP updated on approach made to AED bidder to progress that bid as good idea for the village, but bidder not responsive. c) Wording for plaques three options for wording for memorial plaque discussed. Option 1 chosen with some minor adjustments. d) Visit Calderdale website need to advertise on Calderdale website. e) Pony Rides sadly Lynn Jagger has given up the Riding School. Therefore there will be no pony rides next year unless alternative plans can be made. AMP AMP AMP AMP All to note
7. Date And Time Of Next Meeting Tuesday 12th January 2016 at 7.30 p.m. To be held at the Shoulder of Mutton. All to note