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CALDERDALE LOCAL PLAN – HEARINGS – Wednesday 26th June 2019 At Shelf Village Hall

CALDERDALE LOCAL PLAN – HEARINGS – Wednesday 26th June 2019 at Shelf Village Hall

The next stage for the adoption of the Calderdale Local Plan will be a series of hearings. The first one scheduled for Wednesday 26th June at Shelf Village Hall. No time has been given as yet for the start of this meeting, please email to find out the timetable:

The important thing to be aware of is that the Examination Hearings and sessions chaired by the Inspector, with an invited group of participants that are held in public, and so local residents from across the district and interested persons can come along to hear the discussions, but not take part in them. They are NOT open public meetings. 

Stage 1: Deals with Procedural and Legal Matters, and the strategic issues relating to Housing and Employment Requirements. This will commence on Wednesday 26th June at Shelf Village Hall and run for Weds/Thurs/Fri of that week. It will re-open on Weds 3rd July and run  again for 3 days.

The Agenda for these sessions has already been set by the Inspector and people specifically invited to attend. Members of the public can come to observe the sessions, but not participate (unless they have already been specifically invited to do so).

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